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Act East by Government of India has started bearing fruits

The policy focuses on enhancing economic and strategic ties with the countries of the ASEAN region, with a special emphasis on the North East states.

Save Hindus, save Bengali

Since 1979 the Hindus living in Meghalaya are consider a third class citizen, being the domicile and being minority religious community of the same state they have to go through a lot of unjust and equality, they cant buy land, can't get government administration jobs even can't live peacefully.

Cook Book on Tripura Elections

Strength and weaknesses of the parties

Manipur problem and tickling the truth of North-East

In fact the 8 November Demonetization, all it has done is diluted the protests as many militants are out of cash and weaponry. Expect more clashes. Elections are near, Humanity will be ignored yet again.

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