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Rahul Gandhi: The dilettante

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When you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth, when you are placed at the pinnacle without much effort, when you are inarticulate in your speech, thinking and actions and to make it worse, when you are a reluctant politician who don’t want to learn and work but want the reins of the country be handed over to you on a silver plate because you are the scion of the family which was at the helm for seventy long years, no guess required here, of course you are Rahul Gandhi.

He once again appeared on the radar of politics after his great debacle of 2019. Has he learned anything from the defeat? The answer is big ‘NO’. Actually he stooped to new low.

Hathras incident was being touted as the God given opportunity for the Gandhi siblings by an insane journalist and Gandhi’s made all futile efforts to garner some attention. According to Sadhguru “Bull shit may take you to the top, but it won’t let you stay there”. How these golden words hold true to the Gandhi’s. They are incapable, spoilt and elitist. They are desperate to prove themselves as leaders to Mummy but they fail miserably all the times. Rahul’s failed attempt as being shown as the Oppressed opposition leader who dared police lathis in his quest for justice fell flat as the Video clearly shows that he wontedly fell on the ground. But the drama could only confirm one fact that he is incapable of acting also.

Next fiasco is the protest against the Farmers bill, which was passed by both houses of the Parliament; the Prince was seen spearheading a tractor rally for our Kisan. But what caught people’s attention was the Sofa where Rahul was seated next to the driver, the mirror of his elitist mentality. In his defence Rahul blurted out that PM has purchased 8300 crore Aircraft for himself which has 50 beds. What he conveniently ignored was the said VVIP aircraft was ordered in the tenure of UPA in 2011 and it is not someone’s personnel aircraft. It belongs to the Nation under the IAF. If one look at the timeline and analyze, the Aircraft may have been ordered for prince himself who was supposed to be their PM in 2014. But the product of nepotism failed miserably in both the elections there after, and the prince is fuming that a ‘Chaiwala’ and ‘Dalit’ will be using the Aircraft for their travel.

Next our RG travel to Haryana to save the poor downtrodden farmers from govt. what has been constant with RG is, he always ends up making that same banal speech. He made tall and laughable claims that if congress had been in power, he would have evicted Chinese from ladakh and Aksai Chin, in fifteen minutes. He forgot that UPA had a total 5184000 minutes to evict Chinese. RG may have seen his mummy misbehaving with PM of that time. He picked up the same vocabulary and using deplorable words as COWARD for the incumbent PM. How shameful that nobody can even tell these to RG and if someone dares he will be brandished as traitors by Mummy.

When RG tried his hands at trolling PM on wind turbine issue, he was shutout by many eminent scientists and Central cabinet ministers. For a visionary  person like RG who dreamt to produce ‘Sona out of Aloo’, this wind turbine issue shouldn’t feel odd. It’s really surprising that Indians in 2000-2014 thought that the RG was taciturn instead his latest performance only proves that he was garrulous. So he avoided public attention.

Rahul Gandhi is a dilettante who should quit the politics and spare the country of his shenanigans. He should realize he doesn’t have it in him. He should pursue his passion instead of appeasing ‘Mummia’.

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