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Joe Biden is not Trump, Joe Biden might be worse than Trump

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Democrats have a history of tall tales.

Dear America, I saw the Presidential Debate recently and was mortified to see what a tough choice you have ahead of you. The greatest democracy is going to polls, and you, my American friends have a difficult choice to make.

As an Indian, I empathize with you because we have been in a similar, or in fact a worse condition for nearly 67 years. We had to choose between a highly corrupt dynasty run party and a party that was projected as driven by fundamentalist ideology. The corrupt party looted us while playing on our emotions of equality, secularism etc. till we eventually understood the lies they had been feeding us. We found a true peoples’ leader and are rebuilding our nation since 2014. But for you it looks like a distant future…I am not fan of Trump. I was shocked when his sexist behavior and his lies came to fore. He is obnoxious in debates. I am appalled when I see some of his tweets and statements…what a contrast compared to the suave Obama, the impeccable Michelle, the “dignified” Clintons. We ROFL when we watch Trevor Noah shows making fun of “the orange man”. But elections are not a joke. You are going to choose your leader, and that is no laughing matter.

I had rejoiced with you when Obama had been elected to the chants of “Yes, we can”. I celebrated along with you when Bin Laden was killed. But later realized how we had been conned by the politician Obama again. Osama Bin Laden was killed in his magnificently built fortress in the Abottabad cantonment in Pakistan. I hope you know that cantonment area is the area in the city that houses the military. It is a high security zone that houses workplace as well as residences of military personnel. Building a high walled fortress in the middle of the cantonment and no one raising an eyebrow is just like having Saddam Hussain build his palace next to White House and the President feigning ignorance.

It does look like hell of a coincidence that for years democrat government kept pumping billions of dollars into Pakistan claiming those were for “the fight against terrorism”, when the world most wanted terrorist was living right under their protection in a military zone. And what could be a bigger coincidence that he was finally “found” and shot dead just before Obama’s reelection bid…People like Obama, Joe Biden can sure tell a good story. The tragedy is that it is nothing more than a good story — in fact, a tale of fiction but it still sounds better to those who see Trump as a buffoon.

If Joe Biden is elected, he will continue the path laid out by Obama — he will bow to the Chinese, he will nurture rogue nations like Pakistan and he will use your tax money to interfere in matters he has neither any idea about nor any business. He has all but made it clear by his constant glorification of China — What he forgot to mention is that China is as far removed from democracy as he is from reality.

Persecution of anyone based on religion, race or region is wrong. But see what your flag bearer of non-discrimination and inclusivity did? He opposed India when India chose to give refuge to persecuted minorities from the neighboring countries. He opposed when India ended the discrimination against the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh by abrogating article 370 and allowing them equal rights under the Indian constitution, a fundamental right that had been denied to them since over 70 years. Why does Joe Biden interfere in matters he is clueless about?

It is not possible to preach one thing to your people and to practice the opposite. Dual faced leaders are bad for America and bad for the world. He and his ilk denounce Trump’s ideas about raising a wall on the Mexican border, but they shamelessly interfere when India open’s up her heart to give refuge to persecuted minorities from neighboring countries? Do you see the irony of their actions?

Joe Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris had almost disowned her ethnic identity and distanced herself from Indian roots all these years. But now, we suddenly find stories of her “eating Sambhar” and “taking long walks with her Indian grandparents”, because she needs votes of Indian origin American voters. Wow, that’s some combination — a clueless man and a woman with identity crisis. A man who belongs to the elitist coterie that will use American taxpayers’ money to fuel terrorism in other countries and a woman who can disown her ethnic identity — and they are expected to bring in inclusivity to American society?

They talk about supporting minorities, supporting Muslims, supporting the oppressed — but I have not seen them calling out China. China is the biggest oppressor of its people, a country far far removed from anything to do with freedom and democracy, the only country in the world that continues to massacre millions of Muslims in Uyghurs, the country which exported the lethal Coronavirus and brought the world to a standstill. But Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will ignore the Chinese past as well as present, and call it their ally. Why? What is their agenda?

The world is particularly fragile right now and needs a leader who stops appeasing oppressors and terrorist nations like China and Pakistan. A leader like Joe Biden who refuses to stand up for America and the world against the devious designs of China and Pakistan, is the last leader any country in the world can afford. If these are the kind of people you are looking at as saviours from “White Supremacy”, “Racism” and whatever other -isms, then I urge you to scrutinize their track record before you fall for their propaganda. Because they are a party to creating these -isms and building a fractured, conflict torn world. They play on your fears, manipulate you with a false sense of alarm about fundamental rights and equality. They coin new terms to push their agenda, create fictitious villains, often nurturing them like they nurtured Pakistan for harboring Osama Bin Laden all these years. Make sure you see what they are doing to you…

My American friends, choose wisely. Make sure you look beyond rhetoric and see the facts for yourself. When you vote, remember people like me — living far apart from you, in a place that’s messed up because someone like Joe Biden fed you stories of being against “some” supremacy, while funding terrorists to destroy our homes and our peace. When you vote, remember that if you say you want to leave a better world for your children, you cannot do that by living two different stories — one about equality and peace for people within America, and another where the leaders you elect wreck other people’s homes through covertly sponsored terrorism and ill-informed policies. When you vote, remember the difference between what your liberal politicians told you and what they actually did.

Remember, that if the only reason they ask for your vote is because “Joe Biden is not Trump”, you will need to look deeper. Because Joe Biden might just be worse than Trump.

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