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American Election

“वोटो की चोरी बंद करो” के नारों के साथ ट्रम्प समर्थकों ने किया मार्च

शनिवार को प्रदर्शनकारियों ने झंडे उठाकर, "Stop the Steal" के नारे लगाए, जो "Million MAGA March" का हिस्सा है। आपको बता दें कि "MAGA" ट्रम्प का "मेक अमेरिका ग्रेट अगेन" चुनावी अभियान है।

Indian electoral democracy is any day better than the USA

No matter what, whoever wins the POTUS prize, purportedly the most powerful office in the universe, be it Donald J Trump or Joe Biden, American democracy is unlikely to have won.

Joe Biden is not Trump, Joe Biden might be worse than Trump

A man who belongs to the elitist coterie that will use American taxpayers’ money to fuel terrorism in other countries and a woman who can disown her ethnic identity — and they are expected to bring in inclusivity to American society?

Is Indian govt ready if Biden is elected?

What Modi govt has changed is- the USA needs India as much as India needs the USA whether it is Biden or Trump in the White House.

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