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Brace for ad Jihad

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If you observe the history of India closely, you could easily understand and vouch that Hindus are the most gullible people on the Earth. Starting from the Independence of India, they have been the vicious target of fake propaganda and Hindus being magnanimous by nature accommodated all the arguments let it be pro religion or against the religion.

The debate which caught fancy of India for a couple of days is the ad Jihad from Tanishq Jewelers, which they standardized by naming it as Ekatvam campaign, which was superficial and a fairytale nowhere near to the reality. The repulsive and nauseating plot of the Jihad Ad is the celebration of a visibly Hindu girl Baby Shower which was arranged by a visibly Muslim mother-in-law. A community which by its own admission as close circuited is being shown as having bigger hearts while the Hindus who are known for their magnanimity as the bigots. The narrative itself wouldn’t fit, if one observes the latest incidents of innocent Hindu girls falling prey to Love jihad, all over India in the name of Love. Only few lucky girls may have found the true love but rest are whether been converted, or forced as sex slaves or worse beheaded and packed in suitcase to be found in a garbage dump.

The fact more appreciable was the vehement opposition of the jihad Ad throughout India by one and all. OpIndia news website was leading the pack with undeniable facts and arguments. The editor of the opindia, Nupur J Sharma, with her cogent views, asked not to make pawn out of Hindu women, in this deluded abhiyan called sarva dharma sama bhavana. Tanishq jewelers relented and pulled down the ad within a day. But the drama doesn’t die down. Now it was apt time for all pseudo Seculars to hog the limelight and decry the death of democracy and blah blah….

Some went a step further to question the ability of Hindu’s to afford the Tanishq Jewellery which is quite expensive. A leading verbose author, who it seems had some previous vendetta against brand, was seen egging the jewelry brand to continue the jihad ad. It was actually a Catch-22 situation for the jewelers. If it continues the ad, they are jihad brand and are accepting that their outlets are very expensive and out of reach of  Hindus. With Dhanteras fast approaching it would be a disaster. If they take down the Ad, pseudo liberals would attack the brand for its timidity. It seems the sense of business prevailed which played an important role in decision to pull down the Ad, than the apology statement issued by Tanishq jewelers. One point is proved that Hindu’s have more purchasing capacity than the Psuedo liberals who felt otherwise.

Some TV news channels, notorious for peddling fake news latched on to the opportunity to peddle some anti-Hindu narrative, fake news with a myth of attack on a show room. A ‘barking’ journalist in her YouTube channel show tries to put words in the mouth of Hindu boy who married a Muslim girl and try to summarise that both communities are at fault by not accepting the couple. The truth that was glaring right in her face was when the boy admits though his parents are unhappy but wouldn’t harm the girl whereas the girl’s family has allegedly threatened to kill both of them.

The indefatigable efforts of various people have started yielding the results. Indians started to recognize how they are being fooled and are persuaded to believe that all religions are peaceful, believe in secularism and have feminists. Stop branding the Hindu parents as bigots, who may be unhappy with love marriage, but would never dream to harm the couple.

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