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Aha! Secularism

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We believed in secularism like no one else did. In the melody of “Gagnga Jamuni Tehzeeb”, we allowed the immersion of our religious disciplines and practices fearing an emotional backlash which these practices may create for our brethren in minority community. We have been so deeply secular, sensitive and frightened at the same time out of our brethren in minority that most of the time, in the remote of my village we had to re-course and redesign the religious processions and ritual according to their comfort and convenience. Though, we realized much later that it was us who walked into the circuitous road of secularism and sensitivity whereas they bypassed this and continued to follow rather a linear path of radicalism and insinuating hate towards us without having iota disdain and hint of remorse on their head. Not only them, but they have been ably supported in their insidious agenda through a well-planned education system, amplified by a targeted storytelling through Bollywood films and have been complemented through sustained rhetoric and propaganda towards their objectives.

Over the period armed with these facilitations, we have been made to realize that those adhering to the discipline of ever evolving and widely accommodating Sanatan Dharma are regressive whereas all those practicing a divisive and carnage supporting religion are illuminated. Through sustained efforts, our religion and its follower which essentially believed into free thinking and liberal practices have been reduced to mockery and derision. A religion which attaches divinity, significance and purpose in all possible variations on the earth and even in extra celestial bodies ,in living and non-living has been painted as intolerant and anti-reformist. A few chinks which unfortunately have developed over the years within Sanatan way of life obviously due to vintage and liberty within it has been orchestrated as if it is the core of our philosophy and practices. But what is overwhelming is the tricks and deceits against us, it is so subtle that an oppressed majority have been used as aggressor as and when we tried to bring a hint of correction for us.

Though history stands witness to the mayhem and catastrophe which invaders brought along with them. They plundered, demolished, burnt and desecrated thousands of places of worship and apostle of knowledge and center of excellence but secularity is so embedded and fragile within us that let alone asking for correction, we cannot talk about it. The stories of pervert and extremist Muslim invaders who could brought shame to minimum definition of humanity in any era are being narrated to us in such a guise that we delightfully pay them to watch it.

Even those shrines are most visited and revered which essentially and purposefully were carved out of radical Islam to lure the confused Santana mind. How else do you justify Sanatana followers thronging shrines whose Peer/masters had invited the rulers to order the massacre of KAAFIRS then? All these and much more, within and beyond my knowledge have been sugar coated and floated around us, not because they want you to be in the harmonies company with a compellingly radical minority but they are doing it for buying time till they attain a parity in number. But worst for us and best for them is the way some of us deal with the challenge.  

Till It knocks the comfort off for some of us, we would flatly refuse entertaining the criticality which is inevitable. Scuffle, Battle and ultimately a war is reality which is weaving already, it is just that how later or sooner you may find it reaching up to your door. Their strategy is to catch you in slumber, they want you to hallucinate, their objective is to keep you sleeping and unaware but the wisdom is how soon you realize the impending and prepare yourself at least to counter it if not being able to avert it in one go. At least, to give yourself another chance you need to survive the battle of the day which is being waged. If you look around, they are ideologically synchronized with their nexus, they have means, they have medium and have access to almost everything.

I have found people resenting me for being hateful towards a community, a few derided me for being bit too extrapolative, even those of us who believe into the veracity are pressing me for down for being alarmist, but none out of those have ever been able liberate themselves with a assuring way out.

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