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Govt. Mobile App challenge winner Memechat allegedly fire Hinduphobic Social Media Manager

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Memechat might be fooling Hindus don’t believe what they say until they post Mr. Akram’s termination letter.

The government has selected nearly 24 companies as winners in nine categories under a first-of-its-kind innovation challenge to promote homegrown applications. These apps under ‘AatmaNirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge’ were shortlisted from about 7,000 entries by a jury comprising both government as well as industry representatives.

One app among the 24 winners is Memechat this app is a community for people who love watching and sharing memes. The platform also has a Meme social network, Meme Keyboard and Meme maker and free meme templates among other offerings.

As this is a startup app and as anyone would expect being recognised as a winner on national level its employees were thrilled. One such name is Akram Malik, who used to go by @akramismm on twitter and other social media platform. And as expected on the announcement of Memechat being one of the winners he was joyous and shared the same on his various social media accounts.

here is screenshot of his instagram story

Now obviously there is no problem being happy about your and your team’s achievements. But this all started a movement on various social media where people started tagging Memechat app and Mr. Akram Malik in order to expose their hinduphobic bias.

Many netizens also asked GOI and other related twitter handles (including @narendramodi) to look into the apps and their respective ideology before recognising and promoting them.

Akram Malik has been making memes for quite a long time as of now, and quite a lot turn out to be Hinduphobic.

Hinduphobic tweets by Mr. Malik. Bonus includes anti-Modi tweet.

Making Gau Mutra Joke Comparing PUBG’s chicken dinner with FAUG
Comparing a democratically elected Prime Minister with a mass genocider Adlof Hitler.
Asking whether cartoon version of Ramayana will be banned too.

When FAUG game was announced he posted a hypothetical map for it (made by @Socialpidit), that does not attack any religion as such. And just how his excitement regarding the upcoming game. But when a person Kalp who goes by @Giive_Me_Drink retweeted the map post saying Godhra mai (read main) mazze aayenge XDD i.e. Godra will be fun. He replied with laughing emojis. His insensitivity regarding the Godhra train carnage shows his deep rooted hate regarding Hindus and Hinduism both. I on a personal level found this very disturbing and saddening that even the new generation muslim youth has such extremist views and think of Non-Muslims in such manner.

Here is the screenshot of the same.

Memechat allegedly revoked his ‘internship’.

When netizens pointed this out to Memechat which goes by @memechat_app on twitter, they replied that they have revoked internship of one Akram ‘Raja’ Malik. Now the thing is we do not know if they are the same person or not. Secondly Mr. Malik is not an intern but a full time employee at Memechat app, as his linkedIn profile suggests he is a Social Media Manager at Memechat. So either the information provided by him is incorrect or Memechat app is lying or this Akram ‘Raja’ Malik is totally a different person. Some twitter users are also suggesting that its his app too i.e. he has contributed to it as well as in he is one of the founding members. But there is no proof regarding this claim on the official page and neither it is reported by any news portal that he is one o the founding members.

If he really is a full time employee as his linkedIn suggests than it is quite possible that the tweet regarding about ‘revoking the internship’ was made by him only as he is Social Media Manager of the company. This may be a move just to fool Hindus. Also if his ‘internship’ has already been ‘revoked’ then why did he delete his twitter account now. On a personal level I think Memechat and Mr. Malik are just trying to fool Hindus.

So unless Memechat posts his termination letter one should not believe in what they say.

Memechat regarding the ongoing controversy
His Linkedin profile suggesting otherwise

Mr. Malik deactivates his account.

He has deleted his account probably because of the same reason.

In past Mr. Malik has also taken part in anti CAA protests which turned into riots engulfing Delhi. He protested with memes hereby I am attaching some of the pictures.

Ekdum se Zindagi badal di meme.
With friends
Another one.

Seeing the new generation Muslim youth enacting in such manner is really saddening. And I wish that Mr. Malik ponder over his action as a person like him who had quite a reach on social media (on twitter before deleting his account he had 12.1K followers) should not be so careless and should not make such inflammatory and derogatory post regarding other religions.

His twitter account before he deleted it.

Presence of Hinduphobic memes on Memechat

Other than this issue there is a strong presence of Hinuphobic memes om the Memechat app. The app has more than half a million users as reposted by yourstory here. And for obvious reasons they must have moderators who have a sole duty to keep an eye on the material being post, and if there are no moderators I would suggest that they really need one. And if there are then they should wake up from their slumber and look into the content being posted on the app.

Here I am adding some memes that are not only abusive toward Hinduism but also objectify Mother India and women. Some of these memes are graphic and dark viewer discretion is advised. As bonus I have included a anti-BJP meme too, that is not only anti-BJP but also targets the respect that an Indian holds for Mother India.

Gau Mutra jibes as usual this was posted on official Meme chat app’s instagram page.
Comparing Shiva Lingam with dildos (sex toys)
Generalising Delhi men to be rapist – Epitome of Misandry
Comparing Draupadi Vivah with a porn – Objectifying women plus demeaning Hinduism
Objectifying Mother India and this ‘meme’ is so offensive that i don’t even have words for it

At the end I would advise all Hindus to not fall to this trap not only the Memechat app need to post his termination letter but also need to ensure the removal of derogatory and inflammatory Hinduphobic material fro their app.

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