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Hindus of Bangladesh are in extreme fear

According to media reports, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party has been getting millions of dollars from dubious sources, which have been used against the Awami League government.

Govt. Mobile App challenge winner Memechat allegedly fire Hinduphobic Social Media Manager

Memechat might be fooling Hindus don't believe what they say until they post Mr. Akram's termination letter.

कुछ महापुरुषों का क्या इलाज़ है?

कोई भी ऐरा गैरा स्टैंड अप कॉमेडियन बन जाता है और फिर कॉमेडी के नाम पे केवल देश, धर्म और राजनीती के बारे में अपने गंदे विचार भाड़े के दर्शको को सुनाता है और दर्शक भी इतने सस्ते होते हैं की किसी भी वाहियात चुटकुले पे हंस पड़ते हैं।

How movies, web-series, books and media are working to erase Hindus

Hindus are the most tortured people, they have been slaves for almost last 1000 Years and now when India has freedom, they are living like second class citizens in their own country.

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