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How movies, web-series, books and media are working to erase Hindus

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Hindus are the most tortured people, they have been slaves for almost last 1000 Years and now when India has freedom, they are living like second class citizens in their own country.

Every movie in India has a religious angle or a Hinduphobic angle in it. A few days ago I was watching Mangalyan movie of Akshay Kumar, there were more actors and actresses and one of them was Vidya Balan, a sidekick of Akshay in the movie. Her son was reading the Quran and his father were angry about it. I don’t understand why they added this thing in the movie. Hindus respect everyone and they are the first who said “World is a Family” still these Bollywood people keep spreading wrong things about Hinduism.

Same happened with PK, Kedarnath, Bajrangi Bhaijan and many more. I want to say that if there is something wrong in the society we must condemn it but why only one-sided condemnation?

Many movies make fun of Babas and Sadhus, these type of thinking leads to mob-lynching of Sadhus. These people should learn something from Hollywood, they make better movies without insulting any faith.


There are many video streaming sites in India ex: Amazon prime, Ullu, Mxplayer, Netflix etc. I have noticed a patern in them. Every Indian web-series you watch, you will just find two things: Sex and Hinduphobia.

A few days ago a web-series was released named Rasbhari, starring Swara Bhaskar. In that series there are many scenes where they are clearly insulting Hinduism and Indian culture in the name of entertainment.

There many more web-series which were made only to mock Hinduism, we have a huge Anti-Hindu population in India and that’s why these web-series are being made again and again.

A web-series Krishna and His Leela were released on Netflix a few days ago, where a man named Krishna has sexual affairs with many women and one of them were Radha. People were upset about it on twitter but who cares?

These type of web-series successfully propagate their agenda and everyone acts like nothing is happening. That’s why we see people saying Hindus are superstitious and Hindus believe in 330 Million Gods, I want to request to everyone that whatever you see in these web-series about Hinduism is not true.


Indian mythological-fiction books one must read | The Times of India

Rajiv Malhotra (researcher, author, speaker) said in an interview about how some fiction writers are converting Indian History into Myths. Ramayan is just a story for them and Mahabharat is just the longest poem.

There is a new genre which is popular in India, Mythological-Fiction. Which is used to convert History into myth and fiction. Draupadi and Sita are feminist for these authors, Karna was a victim of the Caste system and Ram was an insecure guy according to these intellectual authors.

They say Hindusim’s God and Goddesses are just mythology and fictional characters. The same thing happened with Greek and Egyptian Gods, now they all are used in Hollywood movies.

These people will write about Islam, Christianity or any other religion because according to them, Heaven and hell, Djins and Angels are true and Yoga, Ayurveda, Bhagavad Gita are Myths.


Anti-Hindu Agenda of India Today! – Priya Jayagopi

There are many Media sites and Channels which are funded by ( Unknown for a reason ) type of people against Hindus. Some mainstream media groups in India are teaming up with Christian Missionaries.

Some media groups are so talented they can convert any news into a piece of HINDU TERROR news. Some journalists are so busy fighting for humanity that they can sell their country for it.

Uhhh!… we all know about it.


When a common Hindu gets insulted everywhere for his belief and traditions, he starts to disconnect himself from his Dharma. They start calling themselves atheists or agnostics in front of their friends.

Majority of Hindus don’t read their own holy books like The Vedas, Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita. They are always in doubt and confusion. When he gets disconnected from his culture, then people like missionaries try to convert him or radicals try to hunt him. When he doesn’t fall in their trap, someone gives him a book of Marx, after reading that, the same guy stands against his own country and people.

People from the west are turning to India for Inner peace and wisdom. They are reading Gita while we are busy reading mythological fictions. They are doing Yoga while we are going to the Gym. They have patents of Gau mutra medicines while we are busy in making fun of Ayurveda.

Think about it before it’s too late.

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