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Farmer bills 2020: Protest or celebrate?

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Author, Writer, Educationist. Counsellor, AOL faculty, Electrical Engineer

Farmer remains one of the pillars of our nation. Majority of our populace is still reliant on farming sector for livelihood. However, farmer’s plight is well-known to everybody, 70 years of liberation and still we are battling to provide a better life to our pillar. i.e. farmers.

They put their soul, time, borrow money for farming, finally, just to realize that their efforts couldn’t materialize even simply to satisfy the basic needs of a family. They do hard work to get best quality food for us. Even after such a hard struggle, when they realise that they are not in a situation to pay back the loan or can’t run the family, they sale their most important asset called land or take worst decision is to end their life leaving family in despair. Who is responsible for the plight of famers even after 70 years of independence? We as a society and the government should own the responsibility and support any decision/action for the welfare of our farmers.

Mr. M. S. Swaminathan has taken many initiatives for the welfare of the farmers and offered guidance/recommendations to government time to time on various issues. Many of his suggestions have been implemented by PM Modi Government in last 6 years. Few actions taken by Modi government:

  • Soil Health Card
  • Kisan Credit Card (loan up to 3 lakhs with nominal interest rate)
  • Pradhanmantri Krishi Bima Yojana. (Benefitted millions of Farmers)
  • Irrigation facilities.
  • Yearly direct transfer of Rs 6000.
  • Technology and technique-oriented farming.
  • Organic farming.
  • Providing e-NAM platform.
  • Providing additional storage facilities.
  • Mass procurement of food grains by government.
  • Fertilizer availability in abundant quantity.

Many such actions have been helping farmers positively, however, I would say, most revolutionary action is bills passed on 19th and 20th September by parliament. It will surely make life of farmers joyful, empower them, making economically sound, improving standard of living and huge decline in suicide rate.

What are the key positives of these bills?

  • It allows free intra and inter – state trade so farmers will have free access to market anywhere in country based on the best price they get. It will help in FDI inflow and improvement in economy.
  • Direct agreement between a farmer and a buyer, farmer won’t be dependent on cartel prices. It will give them assurance about better pricing in advance, reduction in transport cost, stop exploitation by middlemen and indirectly controlled market by political leaders.
  • Regular supply of food items will stop artificial scarcity created by middlemen.
  • Buyer can’t take control of land even if some dues are pending. Farmers are totally protected from exploitation and given complete freedom to sell and make good profits, make contracts, use e-NAM platform and make the best use of technology for more benefits.

I don’t see any point in the bill against farmers, so the people or political leaders opposing these reforms must have some vested interest. It’s our duty to spread facts to each and every farmer so that exploitation masters don’t take advantage of their ignorance if any.

It’s time to celebrate and not protest, as the exploitation masters have been tossed up by these reforms and at the same time empowered and enhanced value of our lovely farmers socially and economically.

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Author, Writer, Educationist. Counsellor, AOL faculty, Electrical Engineer
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