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Can Lord Ram become a “historical” figure or will be linked to mythology forever?

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Even after the obvious victory of “RAMLALA VIRAJMAN” in the “Ram janmbhoomi-Babri masjid” case, people are still confused about the original scenario related to lord RAMACHANDRA. Still it is a question that ‘can we say lord RAM is a historical figure or just a mythological character’? Let’s get some insight over the view.

The Supreme Court held final hearing on the case of “Ram janmbhoomi-Babri masjid” from 6 August 2019 to 16 October 2019. On 9 November 2019, the Supreme Court ordered the land to be handed over to a trust (to be formed by the Government of India) to build the Hindu temple. Before the verdict of the case, all the donations given as “dakshina” was handed over to the officials fighting for RAMLALA. But after the verdict, supreme court said that RAMLALA will be considered as ‘Minor’ and a new trust should be established by central govt. to handle the fund and construction issues for RAMLALA. Now even after supreme court of India considered RAM a living historical entity, are we prepared to absorb him in the same way?

Here comes a man willing to make this happen. He is no other than BJP MP Subramanian Swamy. He urged government of India to declare “RAM SETU” a historical monument. This is just one or the most famous of all other place where LORD RAMA stayed. The movement should take place as :-

  • Rename all the places that LORD RAM visited during his exile.
  • Make some artistic monument or small models to show how RAMA spend his days there.
  • They should be governed by non political body so that they could be preserved or maintained for a very long time.
  • the all should come under the umbrella of “Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra”, the trust made for Ayodha temple so as to maintain the unity and dignity of our culture.
Here is the tweet from the genuine genius SUBRAMANIAN SWAMY.

let us all be the part of this movement and stand with mr. subramanian swamy.

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