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Can Akbar be great?

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In recent times, it is frequently questioned as naming Akbar, a Mughal ruler, as great is justified? It is a complicated question but simple answer.

Babar was a invader, who came from central Asia and captured power on this divine land of Indian sub continent. Akbar was one of the strongest emperors among the Islamic invaders who ruled India. He extended his kingdom from Delhi to Kabul and Srinagar to Cap of Comiron. No doubt he was not coercive with indigenous populations mainly with Hindus. In his court many Hindus were appointed on responsible posts. He might not be aggressive with Hindus. But he never compromised with his greed of capturing power. Maharana Pratap is the glaring example of it. Secondly, he was soft with indigenous people because he was well acquainted with the people of India. He couldn’t rule long and extend his grip over India and Indian without their help. How can an alien rule for long without the support of majority subjects? He was very clever and understood this fact. This was the reason of his softened behaviour with Hindus. It was for strengthening his grip and extension of kingdom i.e for self not for Indians. Auranjab could not understand it and downfall of Mughal rule started in his time.

How an invader can be called great who had snatched wealth, respect and overthrown Indian kings? I would like to put one simple example. Say, one person entered my house and forcibly ceased all our powers. He became the owner of the house. But he had very soft behaviour with all my family members. Should I and my family call him great, only because he had softened with us? Never. He is no more than an Invader.

Unfortunately, India history is dominated by such illusory events. Aryan is claimed to be migrated from cetral Asia, without any authentic proof. Now it has been revealed by researchers made in Masol, of Himachal Pradesh that homosipians first devloped in India subcontinent. Naturally, Aryans are orginal inhabitants of India. There are many such events, to be reviewed in Indian history.

Authored by Dr Dinesh Mishra

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