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Why are the left-liberals and placard holding gangs quiet on Sushant’s death mystery?

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Perhaps the second-best way to get famous in Bollywood is by holding a placard on issues that plague an individual and the society at large with the latest trendy hashtags like #IamHindusthan, #IamAshamed, and #notinmyname. But perhaps we should not hold these placard-holding, pseudo-left-liberals at face value. There can be no doubt that their liberalism is biased. Otherwise, why would the entire Bollywood lobby remain silent on the mystery that encompasses the death of Sushant Singh Rajput? Despite multiple inconsistencies in the case, why do these ‘liberals’ choose silence over activism? Is it not true that the facts which have come to light since the Bihar Police started investigating clearly prove that his death can not be an ‘open-and-shut’ case of suicide?

As ‘celebrities’, is it not their duty to carry forward the voices of crores of Indians who have a great hand in making them what they are today? If not, they should at least answer the questions and let people have their closure in SSR’s mysterious death case. Before showing apathy towards the sentiments of crores of Indians, Bollywood biggies have to speak up and answer.

Secondly, the Maharashtra government and Mumbai Police should also be ashamed of itself for blatantly trying to cover up his unnatural death, which is gradually hinting at the possibility of a cold blooded murder. Some of the questions which surround the Maharashtra Govt. and the Mumbai Police are:

  1. Why would the Home Minister of MH Govt. use such an adamant tone and say that ‘under no circumstances are we going to let this case go to CBI’? Why so adamant? Do you have something to hide?
  2. MH Govt.’s sting stand on non-transfer of the case to CBI raises the question: Is there a politician from the ruling party involved in the deaths of SSR and his manager Disha Salian?
  3. Why was a politician’s owned ambulance called at the scene of the crime to take SSR’s dead body to the hospital?

Further questions stare at the Mumbai Police in their face. Some of them are:

  1. Why did they rush to declare SSR’s death as a suicide?
  2. If they are going by the suicide story, why are they questioning the Bollywood production houses? Is it a silly tactic to delay the delivery of justice to SSR and thereby, his fans?
  3. If they were looking at his death from a whole other angle, why did they not file an FIR based on circumstantial evidence? They do have the authority to do so.
  4. Why did they not seal the scene of the crime immediately upon arrival? Who did they unofficially allow to contaminate the crime scene and tamper with the evidence?
  5. Why was SSR’s flatmate Siddharth Pithani allowed to leave the city when there’s an ongoing investigation?
  6. Why did they not look into SSR’s financials (which could have substantiated their depression story) before the arrival of Bihar Police and gave a premature clean-chit to his ex-girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty?
  7. How on earth did Sandeep Singh reach the crime scene so quickly when he himself admitted on the Debate with Arnab Goswami that he was not in touch with Sushant for over 10 months?
  8. Why was Sandeep Singh allowed to dictate which hospital Sushant’s dead-body had to be taken to? Moreover, why are all actor’s dead bodies taken to Cooper Hospital in specific? It’s not the first time? Both Jian Khan and Divya Bharati’s body post ‘suicide’ was taken there. It’s not that Cooper hospital was the closest one available to all three of them? Then why do ‘suspicious suicide’ cases go there in specific?
  9. Why did the Mumbai police not allow Bihar Police to address the media on 31st July? What are they trying to hide or who are they protecting from getting exposed?
  10. Why was the Mumbai Police personnel afraid that if the public sees the (leaked) video, his diligence as an investigator will be at stake?
  11. Who brought down SSR’s hanging body? Some say that the police did, while the police say that Siddharth did before their arrival. Why this discrepancy?
  12. The details of their investigation does not leak out in the media. But when Siddharth Pithani sends them a mail saying that SSR’s family is pressuring him to lay blame on Rhea for embezzling money, that mail gets leaked to Rhea to support her petition at the Supreme Court to let the case be only in the hands of the Mumbai Police!

Moreover, there are so many inconsistencies with what SSR’s flatmate Siddharth Rajput has been saying. When the Republic Media went to Hyderabad to question the absconding ‘friend’ on the 31st of July, he said things which absolutely don’t add up, such as:

  1. Did SSR show any signs of committing suicide on the day he died? He says SSR’s behavior did not raise any eyebrows and yet he was so depressed that he just hung himself!
  2. For what illness was he giving medications to SSR on behalf of Rhea Chakraborty?
  3. How is it possible that he, who knows how to read, does not bother to check the name of the medicines he was giving SSR?
  4. When he himself claims that the psychiatrist was giving him medication for depression, why does he not know at present what to call the mental condition SSR was in just before his death?
  5. He could not even give a confident answer as to who would buy the medicines for SSR? First, he said that maybe Rhea would buy the medicines, and immediately the next moment he changes his statement and says that some helpers would be bringing it for him.
  6. Then he says that before Rhea left SSR and Rhea would be having a lot of conversations. When questioned by Arnab what they were talking about, he said that they spoke in the privacy of their bedroom upstairs and so he doesn’t know. What raises suspicion here is that, if they were really in the privacy of their bedroom, how did he know that they were ‘having a lot of conversations’ and not doing something else?
  7. Then he says that he doesn’t know what conversation he himself had with Rhea when she was leaving SSR’s house. When poked further, he quickly makes up a story in his head and says things which make Rhea look like an angel from above.
  8. He refused to acknowledge that there was a party the night before SSR ‘supposedly committed suicide’.
  9. He had no idea how Sandeep Singh landed up at the crime scene. How? Wouldn’t he have asked Sandeep out of curiosity?
  10. Why did Siddharth too not raise a question in front of media when he saw Sandeep tell the police where to take SSR’s body for post mortem?
  11. He gives a clean-chit to Rhea when evidence has already been found that she was exploiting Sushant and embezzling money from his account. Why would he do that? Is he too involved with Rhea in her conspiracy?

There are innumerable questions which would clearly refute the suicide theory. Questions like: why is Rhea in hiding? Why are the Mumbai Police hiding evidence like SSR’s journal? Why did they not draw a link between the deaths of Disha Salian and SSR especially when both their deaths happened within a week? Why would Sushant need to change 50 SIM cards and who would issue those SIM cards for him? And most importantly, how can a man living with a healthy dog be depressed? Dogs are perhaps the best anti-depressant medicine. He cared a lot about his dog and would not have left him and committed suicide. Even if he did commit suicide, he would have most definitely sent him off to someone whom he felt would take as good care of him as he did. Sushant Singh Rajpur most certainly could not have committed suicide. If he did, we would have had the answers to all the above questions by now.


Moreover, should Bollywood not come to the forefront and support their own fans and unanimously ask for Justice to be delivered to Sushant? Or are they getting paid for being silent listeners?

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