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Urdu script, colonial thoughts

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Veeresh Malik
Ex-seafarer and a lot more.

A couple of days ago, a lady better known for her single focus of trying to impose Urdu on the rest of India, came out with an article in a National Daily on how the festival of Rakhi was invented by a Mughal Emperor. This was part of the constant attempt by the Urdu wallahs to beat their old song – everything in India owes its existence to Urdu, because of Arabs, Persians and Mughals.

Ludicrous. The heat under the onion dome without ventilators has got to the Urdu wallahs. The dome or cupola style of architecture worked well in countries where it snowed and retention of heat was important. The dome or cupola style of architecture is not suited for Indian climate especially in the Gangetic belt where it was imposed on us as a symbol of slavery. By these Urdu wallahs.

As information, the ancient system of air-cooling and ventilation in Arab and Persian countries is based on the Indic system of wind-catchers, which can be seen in ancient temple and chattri (cenotaph) designs all over the Indic civilisations from Arabia to Indo-China. You can even see this design as far West as in Spain (Cordoba) and as far East as in Vietnam (My Sun). You can also see it in the older temples of South India, where the Urdu Wallahs could not spread their book burning culture that well. Closest to Delhi you can see such chattri (cenotaph) design that survived the Attack by Urdu are in Orchha, where the science of architecture is like an open book open source resource on almost every subject under the sun. Books were burnt, but oral traditions and old temple construction tell us a lot, we just have to go and search.

The biggest symbolic and real contribution to destruction of India by the Urdu-wallahs and their fore-fathers was the art of burning books in other languages wherever they saw them. Nalanda is one example – 9 million books on every possible subject in a vast multitude of languages and scripts were trashed and burnt, and an attempt made to replace all of them with one book in Urdu. The Railway Station nearby, Baktiyarpur, tells us the rest of the story – named after the person who was in charge of this destruction.

(Why we in India still have memorials, statues and even Railway Stations in honour of invaders and slavers is not understood by this writer. Bakhtiyarpur Junction (BKP) Railway Station of the Indian Railways (near Nalanda) is named after the Afghan invader, Bakhtiyar Khilji, who destroyed the Gangetic Belt in Bihar and Bengal, and then got hammered and killed when he tried to do the same in Tibet. Nobody gives a dried fig about the Khiljis or any other Arab, Persian or Mughal bandit in Tibet. Even their graves are not marked.)

Urdu script, as I know it, is not good for the overall health of New India. Spoken Urdu, also known as Hindustani, can pass muster as one of the many variants and dialects of Hindi. Written in Devnagri script, sure. The problem with the Urdu script as I see it is that it is not just a living reminder of the evils of invaders and slavers and worse, but it also interferes with the proper implementation of a Justice Delivery System in India, because it aims to place the delivery of Justice solely in the hands of those who can read Urdu script.

Which, as we all know, places the Delivery of Justice in the hands of Urdu writing and reading type people, those people whose main claim to contributing to India is burning all books, except one – and maybe also the recipe for Gobhi Manchurian which the Mughals brought via their ancestors the Mongols from Gobi Desert in Mongolia.

Take all this Urdu script and Urdu culture, add a huge dose of Colonial thought to it, and we have a recipe for another few centuries of slavery. Which we do not want. Written Urdu does not add any value to New India other than some tired old men going waah waah at qawalis and a few Rakhi festival origin inventing type women.

For New India to survive, prosper and regain its place of glory in the world and more importantly in the minds of Indians themselves, we will have to place Urdu Script and Colonial Thinking back where it belongs – in Persia and Arabia or dropped into a museum at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. Not Arabian Sea. That body of water West of Mumbai is the Indian Ocean. Arabia is far away, somewhere else, in a desert.

They can keep their Urdu there, in Arabia, in the desert. And build more domes. We are happy writing Urdu in Devnagri script. Or any and all other Indic scripts. Not in the script of a brutal invader and slaver.

The heat has got to Urdu Wallahs, it seems – now they are inventing Rakhi!

Next the Urdu Wallahs will invent Munshi Premchand, who had to write initially in Urdu as Nawab Rai, such was the power of Urdu in those days. We don’t want that sort of slavery to Urdu script in Hindi in New India.

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Veeresh Malik
Ex-seafarer and a lot more.

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