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Veeresh Malik

Ex-seafarer and a lot more.

Slavers and Colonials – they haven’t left India as yet

What we urgently need are Museums to the Truth about Slavery in India, especially as practised by the Colonials and the Mughals - and the best place to start would be to convert the Foreign Correspondent's Club on Mathura Road in Delhi to one.

Urdu script, colonial thoughts

The problem with the Urdu script is that it is not just a living reminder of the evils of invaders and slavers and worse, but it also interferes with the proper implementation of a Justice Delivery System in India, because it aims to place the delivery of Justice solely in the hands of those who can read Urdu script.

True comedy

Comedy just stays clear of politics and religion now, because both have become so strongly inter-linked, that it is better that way. And here is why.

Clubs for Coconuts

There are thousands of such clubs all over India, sitting on vast estates, which could and should in an India have been used for better purposes than as "madhushalas" for a select few.

73 years an alien: Plight of Kashmiri Hindus

Kashmiri Hindus, who remained an alien in their own home as they're not welcome to a domicile certificate, not being from a "particular community".

Colonial shames

Just changing a name from Victoria Terminus to CST is not enough, though it is a very good start, we have to do a lot more.

Strength in scrap

Many of Independent India's largest manufacturing industries owe their birth or their evolution from trading to manufacturing to the sudden and huge boom in post World War II metal scrap all over Asia.

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