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The recipe for an ecosystem that can counter the narrative of anti-India forces

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Ankur Agarwal
Ankur Agarwal
Infosys Alumni. Businessman. Founder/Editor at

In recent times, we have seen a continuous debate going around the term “Nationalist Ecosystem”. There has been a rising demand from all quarters of the society to form a structure which is efficient in fighting the narrative of breaking India forces and is result oriented at the same time. For that to happen, one need to ponder upon the very terms “Nationalist” and “Ecosystem”, first and foremost.

Who Is a Nationalist?
Going in very simple terms, a nationalist can be defined as the one who contributes in the process of nation building in any form, be it through positive contributions or through rebuking influx of negative or anti-nationalist forces.

What is an Ecosystem?
This can be defined as a self-sustaining and independent system in which every individual unit, every entity who is the part of the system has a symbiotic relationship with other entities of the ecosystem. The interdependence may not just be monetary but in kind too.

In every ecosystem, there is a common source of energy which nurtures it, and the energy is transferred to all units though one another. But for an ideological ecosystem, the source could be multiple and energy could be in various forms.

What is the need of a Nationalist Ecosystem?
As India move towards a technologically advanced world, the threats that she face as a nation have made inroads into the very psyche of the citizens. The social media has played a very pivotal road in this. The platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube etc., have given a medium to breaking India forces, using which they can very easily spread their ideology, and their filthy propaganda against India. As there are two sides to all coins, this is the evil side of social media.

In this era, a nation cannot be safeguarded by the enemies just by securing the borders. The country needs to have forces that tackles the enemies within, enemies who take the garb of seculars, liberals, intellectuals, free speech activists, and nationalists while propagating the ideas that stand against these very virtues. This needs the support of the citizens themselves as these anti-India forces hold an Indian passport and government of the day have some limitations against use of force against such paid mercenaries of the propaganda driven activism.

What is needed to create such an ecosystem?
One can be very sure of one thing, that creation of any ecosystem is a long and tedious process which requires continuous efforts and a huge support system. This article will try to enunciate the minimum requirements that needs to be addressed, keeping side by side how the left-wing is much ahead of right-wing in every parameter:

  1. Finances: There is a need of nourishment for any system to survive and thrive. There is no well settled structure in India that can fund a movement to construct a right-wing ecosystem. Whatever ecosystems that are right leaning are being targeted regularly. Republic TV, opIndia, RSS are well known examples, while the left-wing is able to get funding through various channels that are anti-India like China, Pakistan, Halalonomics, Gulf countries etc., George Soros being the latest addition. Even the big corporate houses who are part of economic right-wing, do not want to get associated with the political right-wing. They are comfortable funding the political left as a protection against continuous harassment that the leftists may shower them with. The corporates know that the struggle of working class against the bourgeoisie (read: capitalist) is the very foundation of communist ideology and hence, it is very easy for left-wing activists to incite worker unions strikes in their factories. And the media which is largely left-wing, is going to support these manufactured protests. So, it can be comfortably inferenced that until and unless the right-wing finds something that gives corporate houses the hope of winning against these extortionist tactics, they cannot fund right-wing. The right-wing needs funds not to incite riots or disrupt public orders, but to create a dedicated workforce like the left which can continuously debunk the propaganda spread by the left against India. Most of the foot soldiers in right-wing have to be the bread winners of their families first, while the left-wing brigade is well paid by their top leaders. The Quint, The Print, The wire, altnews are just some glaring examples.
  2. Time: The right-wing or nationalist ecosystem that in India is at a very nascent stage that started in 2014 with the advent of Mr. Narendra Modi as our PM. Before him, it was only our freedom fighters who were able to create this. In contrast, the communist or the left-wing has been in the existence centuries before that, though it got subdued at times but always resurfaced as a greater force. The bible of left-wing, “Communist Manifest” by Karl Marx was released in 1848. So, those who want to be a part of this right-wing ecosystem have to be prepared for a long and arduous journey ahead.
  3. Common Rallying Point: For a cause to succeed, the aim and vision should be crystal clear. The people who want to be a part of a right-wing ecosystem lack this. Every person will give different replies if asked about top five reasons why he wants to join political right-wing ecosystem. The issues range from free the temples movement, ban cow slaughter, Kashmir issue, to Hindutva and akhand-bharat, while the left has through its action sand deeds has clearly specified its enemies, Narendra Modi in particular and Hinduism in general. The significance of this point can be comprehended through two examples:

    a. It was only when Indian freedom fighters gave the call for “Poorna Swaraj”, the freedom movement gained the common support.
    b. In 2014, Mr. Narendra Modi gave the call for “Congress Mukta Bharat” just to make the vision of BJP clear to every Indian.
  4. Synchronization: This can be understood from a recent incident of Palghar lynching. The right-wing created enough voice to ensure swift action, which is commendable. Republic tv did back to back reporting on the incident, so much so that Mr. Arnab Goswami is still suffering from afterburns. But do anyone remember about that case which is just two months old but the left-wing will never let you forget how Akhlaq was lynched in 2015. They still beat their chests for convicts of Delhi riots that happened in January 2020, Safoora and Sharjeel, arrested in February, 2020. The reason behind this is simple, they are synchronized, they are coordinated and their multiple smaller ecosystems that work independently otherwise, such as The Wire, the print etc., respond to call in support of smallest entity of their larger ecosystem. They attack the right-wing in a very well planned and coordinated manner. The hashtags that trend on social media every other day “#islamophobia_in_India”, “#stop_abusing_muslims” are the result of these systematic and organized structure. There is a lot of scope for improvement for the right-wing in this department.
  5. ArticulationThe right-wing aspirants need to learn this skill from their opponents. The left-wing content creators use this skill like an art. For every article, report, video or debate show, the comrades sound so neutral that you will start believing their every statement, even fake news. This skill is a gift from our freedom fighters against British that used it for publishing articles subtle enough to defy the draconian press acts while still spreading the message of freedom. The left has hanged on to this art and used it very well to further its propaganda. Otherwise, the champions of the right-wing ecosystem will continue to be targeted by the liberal left and harassed in the name of puny FIRs, that although, will not hold any value in court, but are enough to intimidate the lot, create panic and confusion, and divert them from their goal.
    As it is often mentioned, keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. If the right-wing can take some cues from their arch rival, they do have a shot at forming an ecosystem that sustains itself, and its entities too. Even if that does not happen, a nationalist ecosystem is an inevitable truth, something that is bound to happen, maybe slowly, but surely.

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Ankur Agarwal
Ankur Agarwal
Infosys Alumni. Businessman. Founder/Editor at
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