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Sinful world of today

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“Nothing makes one so vain as being told that one is a sinner.”
                                                                 ― Oscar Wilde

The last few months of our lives have seen what we never saw or ever could have even imagined to witness. The world has turned upside down with chaos and sinister ruling worldwide. Whether it’s China, US, EU nations, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey all are doing one thing or the other which has a negative outlook.

Plan of being the only superpower- China

As reported by a senior intelligence officer of the US, the Chinese have made a plan to rule the world and use each and every possible technique in the book to achieve this goal. Their current activities are proving to be coinciding with the officer’s words. China has brought numerous countries of the globe under their debt trap and is forcing them to work under their orders and even to give up their lands or businesses. This technique was adopted by the British when they ruled hundreds of years back.

China wants to be the world’s biggest business model and run all kinds of businesses throughout the globe. It has started the Belt and Road Initiative which has spread to countries like Pakistan, Iran, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Bangladesh. They want their control on all the air, rail and water routes and to achieve that they are not even afraid to use their military. To have their way in the Galvan Valley to connect the route to the CPEC they resorted to military action which took the lives of numerous soldiers on both the sides. To take control on the train routes in Iran they trapped the Iran government under their debt jargon and now will be involved in the railway projects which is helpful for their BRI and to top it off now they have resorted to fund the Arakan army of Myanmar to sabotage the joint development projects of India and Myanmar along the Mizoram border because these projects are coming in the way of a CPEC like project which China and Myanmar had planned to build under the BRI to connect China with Bangladesh through Myanmar.

Map depicting China’s road expansion where in it wants to reach as far as possible, geographically.

Sri Lanka, another debt trapped and politically controlled Indian neighbour by China just like Nepal, has given its Hambantota port for 99 years to China to save it self from some debt money. The Chinese are using military and diplomatic techniques against the countries who are against them like India, USA, Australia, Taiwan, Japan and on the other hand the debt trapping ways are being used with those nations who are loyal to them or who are in need of help.

The port of Sri Lanka leased out to China for 99 years, being in debt with China!

The USA and China are having a diplomatic war going on by ordering closure of each other’s consulates on espionage allegations. China is sabre rattling Taiwan by violating their airspace on weekly basis by their military jets. Hong Kong has lost its autonomy by the new security law imposed by China which even prohibits the people to protest against mainland China, as a result many protesters have left the country or have been arrested. China has taken ports and lands around India to keep up pressure on India and use these stations during any military action if ever happens in future.

The dragon has also been accused of stealing information through its mobile applications and hacking attacks. India has banned numerous useless dangerous Chinese applications who were stealing information and providing the same to the Chinese government as per the Chinese laws. The USA and EU countries are also mulling about banning such applications.

Profit from the pandemic-

The world economies are going down the drain and are at their worst. Booming economies like that of Japan, UK and the US are all below 2009 recession levels. Lakhs of people have lost their jobs or have resorted to jobs which are much below their qualifications. But all this has not stopped the sinister business houses or the sinful governments to make profits.

China who manufactured and supplied the COVID-19 virus to the world has also made and supplied numerous masses, ventilators, PPE kits and test kits throughout the world and made huge profits.They’re even keeping a close eye on the vaccine tests going in other nations and even trying to steal their data to make future profits through vaccines.

The Western nations are not far behind in the profit making race. The USA, UK and EU nations have given advance orders of vaccines much more than their population to pharma companies like Pfizer and Moderna. The same thing happened with the swine flu vaccines earlier which reached the developed world much before they reached the rest of the globe. These countries are planning to make huge profits in future by selling the procured vaccines to other nations at higher costs.There have been reports of insider trading since March when the business of pharma companies started booming. Many have made profits and are even planning to make more. In the times when nations need each other’s support and compassion the world is running towards the money. It’s nothing but another face of the year 2020.

India is fighting its own battle with the virus by trying to reduce the daily number of cases and the death rate. On the positive side, India as it is considered to be the world’s biggest pharma manufacturing ground is receiving advance orders to manufacture vaccines.The Oxford made vaccine Astra Zeneca is being manufactured by the Serum Institute situated in Pune and will be making billions of doses of the vaccine. India has also made its own vaccine – Covaxin invented by Bharat Biotech which is at the phase of human trials and will hopefully pass all the tests.

China did what it had to do and now it’s time for the world to react in a ‘non – Chinese’ manner. The world needs to develop a sense of compassion instead of being selfish.

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