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Only Ram’s Bharat can de-radicalize Project Medina victims

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Ankit Shah
Ankit Shah
Indo-Pacific Security & Foreign Policy Observer, Consultant, PhD scholar and Past Academic & Research Associate of IIM Ahmedabad. Follow his twitter handle @ankitatIIMA for China-Pak issues.

The re-birth of Bharat at Ayodhya is a watershed moment of our history! The massive conversion that the Indian subcontinent saw during the invaders’ rule laid the foundation of the massive identity crisis among the Muslim community of today. It’s no surprise that the community now and then seeks out in search of its origins. Some search in Iran, some in Arabia, some in Malay or Mongol ancestry and Pakistanis go to the extent to search their blood in Ottoman-turkey. It is this identity crisis which has resulted in world powers easily renting Pakistan as a hired war zone. A culture which is clear about its mother and motherland cannot act as agents of chaos in the very sacred soil where they belong. The refusal to Vande Mataram is understandable from this vantage point.

Here is a rich civilization which is so accommodating that every child takes up minimum of three languages and wishes new year to every community of the world. This same land of Bharat is a witness to Muslim brothers eating at Hindu homes and Hindus funding to build mosques and even marriages of Muslim children in the recent past.

Why this rich land of cultural enlightenment is moving again towards a point where the holy cows are publicly tortured to death purposely to hurt sentiments and lacs of Pandits driven out of their homes? Invaders are long gone, but Project Medina is sneaking to enter again.

Let’s learn from how middle-east, which was mostly Pagan, Jewish & Christian, was weaponized with Arabic desert life-style of loot to cut off the innocent Muslims from their motherland, cultural identity and civilization to use them for violence.

  • Desert lifestyle calendar starts with Hijrah. It is moving from an Islamic land to a non-Islamic land. Turns out as a starting point of terror. Many of the middle-eastern countries let radicals in on humanitarian grounds as they pleaded under the garb of being refugees and victims.
  • Desert lifestyle of burqa & short length trousers meant for sandstorms and walking in sands. Turns out that it was used to dominate and rotate women and children in several families for abuse, where in fact there is no desert-sands. Why would people wear such clothes when there was no desert where they lived. The pictures of Afghani-Iraqi-Irani women till 1970s are available in public domain. The middle-eastern countries visibly modern back in time, turned to ashes and ruins within decades.
  • Desert lifestyle of worshiping the moon after facing harsh sun-light all the time. Turns out as symbols of subjugation on flags of some failed-states and terror groups operating even today.
  • Desert lifestyle of burying the dead as there was no surplus wood to burn the bodies in desert. Turns out it became a land-grab, persecution tool in the middle-east as no other communities would live around the cemetery.
  • Desert lifestyle of eating animals in absence of pulses, cereals and plant diversity due to paucity of water. Turns out as actions of chaos to bully and hurt sentiments of others. Christians, Sikhs, Parsis and Jews still being butchered in the middle east. The mob behavior of selling off the entire community as a mass vote block in favor in the decision making systems turned out as exploitation of looting wealth of other communities routing through those charged with governance in the name of taxes and allowances to get their polygamous behavior and huge population sponsored. In the middle east, this basically became a model of killing and outnumbering the other communities using their own funds.
  • Desert lifestyle of marrying in relations as no outside community would like to give their daughters in deserts. Turns out as a suppression tool for women at home and women of other communities were considered as a prize of loot after riots and bombing. The stories of Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and so on, are terrible.
  • Desert lifestyle of eating in one vessel in absence and scarcity of water for cleaning purposes. Turns out that too continued in other geographies.
  • Desert lifestyle of mob-based attack and loot of the caravans transporting goods through the desert as there was no manufacturing or agriculture base. Turns out mob-based riots were planned to take-over the ready wealth of other communities who leave the area after panic-selling their properties. Otherwise harmless appearing parents in the middle east became used to sending 9 out of 10 children to riot.
  • Desert lifestyle of polygamy which is a known war strategy of fast human replacement in war. It is not a peace time behavior. The bigger the mob, the better the loot in desert. The long beard made sense to save the neck from the swords or weapons. Turns out as a cause of multiplying perpetual poverty and a sense of victim hood rooted in personal lives spilled all over the society and the middle east region.
  • Desert lifestyle of not allowing modern education and skills using religion as an excuse so as to continue the exploitation of poor to use them in riots as mobs. An entire army of clergy in the middle-east misused mosques as weapon-storage, indoctrination hub through hate-speeches and as flag posts-land grabs tool, the areas after which no law enforcement agency would dare to enter, forget about other communities residing. Turns out others cannot even think of entering these areas. The roads get blocked, highways encircled with radical shops on both sides so nobody can escape. The cities literally became no-go zones for common people, while the clergy freely ran parallel government and courts.
  • The Desert 90+5+5 Formula was adopted after crossing 25% of the total population throughout the middle east. 90 in the community acting to be good and moderate, but silently swallowing away the wealth won after riots/terror attacks for negligible prices as others leave the area. These 90 give cover fire to the institutionalized crime of rioters by comparing with other criminal acts to confuse others and showcase it as some normal thing. 5 in the community who are really honest people, the ones that conduct terror strikes or riots and strongly believe that they did some noble task. And 5, who know everything about what is right and wrong, but keep mum as they are afraid of the extremists.

After a period of using this formula, there was no trace of a stable governance model, democratic values or human rights throughout middle east. Only one economics worked, the one of looting and plundering the other communities in the name of Jizya tax, riots and what not. This went on until the free crude oil was discovered.

The bigger question is do this desert tribe life-style spare Muslims?

The answer is No.

Once the countries are declared Islamic and no other community is left in terms of status as equal citizens, the desert life-style tribe ensures spelling out new religious interpretations, mark the ones who are wealth-creators as non or less-believers and not a real Muslim and start attacking those. The Kafir labeling factory continues as they don’t have any viable, non-violent economic plan after taking over. Every year millions of Muslims are killed throughout the middle-east by packaging and introducing new rules-interpretations of desert life-style as religious compulsions. With last 30 years of free crude oil stock remaining, the middle east will be boiling with this desert tribe formulas in triple speed towards a tragic disaster.

Modern-day Bharat has to take a leaf out of the horrors, the middle-east has gone through and pre-empt the causes at the earliest. There is absolutely no scarcity like that of a desert here. There is plenty of water, clothing friendly climate, education and economic opportunities, modern concept of nation-state governance under a healthy democracy for all its citizens.

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Ankit Shah
Ankit Shah
Indo-Pacific Security & Foreign Policy Observer, Consultant, PhD scholar and Past Academic & Research Associate of IIM Ahmedabad. Follow his twitter handle @ankitatIIMA for China-Pak issues.
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