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Nepotism in stream light with Sushant Singh Rajput but it must end now

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Sushant Singh Rajput put Bollywood nepotisim in spotlight. But feudal sites with the power to break young careers have been the hallmark in the musical Gharanas. Bollywood is so obsessed with nepotism and it has been shrunk to a limited banners like Dharma, YRF, T-series, Balaji to name a few. If someone messes with any of them or with their dear ones he will get thrown out of the industry doesn’t matter how talented he is. So they are just like dictators in Bollywood. What makes Bollywood so unfair to the outsider so much isn’t just the dynasties and cliques. It is essentially the fact that it is brutally a competitive game with no umpires, adjudicators or whistle blowers. It has long been an open secret that the film industry establishment prefers to promote its own progeny and their family and friends.

One may rightly argue that it is a free country and a producer and director have every right to choose the talent he may like to work with. Gone are the days when actors are known to be artists their aura served as a light to many and their art was not only a source of entertainment but an inspiration to many. But now a days actors with pure talent are sidelined due to first priorities given to recommendations. And the worst part is that if an outsider tries to raise his voice he is slammed, crushed and denoted a wannabe seeking action. Bollywood has already set in with no good scripts less good actors and almost no experimentation,

It is not only fair to blame Bollywood for the nepotism we don’t focus on talented actors. We should support the self made stars who came into Bollywood after so much struggle go and watch their movies make it blockbuster. Boycott the movies of star kids whether it is good or bad. It is simple if we can give fame and stardom to nepotism product then we can bring them down too.

Sooner the Indian audience will realize that are no more interested in drama presented in the name of big directors and actors. They have now Amazon and Netflix which will replace the boring drama with interesting ones. The nepotism has been raised in Sushant Singh suicide case but it must end with Rhea Chakarborty penalty. Sushant came to this industry as a game changer a unique talent was destroyed because of silly nepotism games and business of movie mafias. We have lost a big talent and decency in this industry of arrogance.

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