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Letter to Bapu

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Dear Bapu,
How is your independence there! Country side feeling no more independence here. Danger looming  everywhere. Secular gang mushrooming and voicing loud. I Secular! We secular! It’s good you all time aspire it but they are pseudo secular in nature.

They coin it to bag their hidden agenda of cheap popularity, minorities vote, milk the fund from Gulf countries. They ever oppose the wrong to Muslim in unison. It’s is also good. But they never appose the wrong to Hindu by minorites. Arpinch kejripal is like one of those seculars.

They file petitions to ruin the precious time of already burdened courts. They keep mum and turn their eyes blind towards non-Muslim issues. It hurts a lot, Bapu. These days their secular agendas have led rise to Islamic extremist fearlessly in the country side. 

Extremists burnt Delhi in February and  Bangalore in August this year. God knows, which city on the list next! Many people killed, Hindu along with Muslim. They don’t fear of their lives and livelihood. They plan everything cunningly and truckloads of crowd gather on roads in thousands chanting “ALLAHU AKBAR” with petrol bombs, stones, long knives or whatever weapons they get. it will surprise you they even carry pistol you ever hated. They are becoming religiously blind. They call their GOD the great, greater and greatest five times a day through big big loudspeakers mounted on their God houses. Definety, it turns our blood on boil! But we keep ourselves silent and peaceful. We sing your popular song “Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram” they say it smashes harmony in society. Lack in food but marry more and populate the country side recklessly! Isn’t it ‘Jansankhya Jihad’ one of the mottos they live for? You taught us value of non-violence, peace, love, humanity and brotherhood. Their growing kids never believe in your teachings. They jokes apart your thought of Ramrajya. They ignore the value of  friendship, brotherhood. They post abusive meme, spread vulgarity against Hindu deities but stir violent  for sake of their own God. Bapu, it hurts  us a lot but your teachings are in our blood.

They burn police stations and guards. They even burn thousands of vehicles, houses, government property and whatever come in their way. Bapu, do you know? First time, they attack and gutted house of your Congress men in Bangaluru. The poor Dalit! He is trembling with fear. Surely, he will call you soon in one or two days. Please do help him. He requested your party head to protect his family but your party head ignores him help. She threatens him to exit from the party. She does not even oppose the extremists’ wrong doing. Other seculars also keep mum. One famous secular “Rabbish” bagged Magsaysay awards and global identity on secularism also liptights on the issue. Bapu , I feel  sorry to tell you, some of attackers are amongst your Party.

I know you ward those bastards off. It will even shock you  the party you led is no more a democratic one. Every year no presidential election held. Soneeya Tai is presiding it since long. Yes, some times, she hands over the presidency to his elder son, Pappu, but he renounces it and goes to Thailand everybody knows why. She in recent days started hating Hindus. A sadhu killed in Palghar but missed her voice on police’s failure. Arnab cried many a time but she lodged FIRs against him. Bapu, thank god, you are not here. She disregards your lesson on non-violence, she incites  people to come out from their houses to organise orchestra on Delhi Roads. Three months Noutanki held in Shaheen Baag on the name of CAA. Thanks heaven! Corona arrives in the meantime  the country side and people  remain locked in their houses. Corona  very dangerous and contagious flu type disease.

Crores of people around globe are suffering from it with lakhs of death. Bapu, it kills Ahat Indouri, a famous secular. The whole nation feeling sad on his sudden demise. Please look him after if he meets you there. He garnered big applauds by singing “Hindustan kisi ke  Baap ka thode hi hai”. Bapu, don’t forget to listen him, he is such a wonderful guy, but remember he was tested positive. Do keep him two metres distance. This corona every day infects lakhs of people globally. Started from Wuhan in China now spreading all over the world. Still lockdowns in the country side. People hiding inside houses, animals roaming outside. You know Bapu! Offices, schools, shops, malls, cinemas bus, train, aeroplane and metro too fully closed. Difficult time everywhere. But hospitals are looting lakhs of rupees daily. People wear mask and apply sanitizers even in villages. A long ordeal Bapu! Only positive  negative game. Long story, I will write you in next letter.

Bapu, it would be late, if you won’t reorganise your party’s democratic value with Presidential election be held every year. Your grand party is rapidly losing base in country side. Internal quarrel all time high. Sachin labours hard but sits in boundary row in Raj assembly. Bapu, if it goes unseen long ever  we may rejoice it never the sacrifices of yours, forefathers.

Now it is high time Your words “Karo ya Maro” were absolutely go true as there is a stir in people to protect old culture and civilization. To nip the head of terror. Pour some guidance and blessing, Bapu. Hindu-Muslim issue and pseudo secularism are eating away our independence.

We find difficulty in saving  ourselves, children and family from rising hatred and jihad in the country side. You took revenge from British but Who should I take revenge? From extremist or from Pakistan or from China or from Secular? BJP, a non secular party, is feeling helpless. They too don’t bother to ease out troubles come in way.

Bapu, no more shroud I can tie on my head because it is already burdened with responsibilities.

We need MAGICAL power like you to change the situation. Waiting for your reply, Bapu..

From …  A worried country man.
Jay Hind.

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