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Pseudo Secularism spread by Gandhi

मुस्लिम, खान्ग्रेस, हम और भारतीयता

इस भारतवर्ष दूसरा कोई भी माई का लाल पैदा नहीं हुआ था जो धारा 370 हटा दे और राम मंदिर बनवा सके। इसलिए हमारी ये नैतिक जिम्मेदारी हैं की मोदी जी के ऊपर विश्वास रखे और उन्हें सहयोग करे।

Letter to Bapu

Bapu, you made them secular but in this span of time, they have added an additional attribute to their secularism- i.e., PSEUDO-ISM.

From Archives – M.K. Gandhi’s reactions on Mob-Violence

We may doubt and debate if Gandhi understood meaning of taqiyya and kitman. But his commentaries, observations and reactions during this period do indicate that he practiced these to perfection.

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