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JEE-NEET issue now critical: PM Modi must step up

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JEE Main exam, the entrance exam for undergraduate admissions in engineering colleges is scheduled from 1st-6th september while NEET exam for admissions in MBBS is scheduled on 13th September. Its a high time that PM Modi must now get involved in this.

When anyone says that COVID situation is not serious, he can’t be serious! Even government can’t deny it, which imposed a nationwide lockdown of about 2months, even if that lockdown was to buy some time to ramp up health infrastructure. Neither life can be stopped, neither can be academics, so exams are necessary too. But the topic of JEE-NEET is serious on many fronts, especially after the involvement of left and no-connection-with-India-Greta.

No one can give a cent percent surety that children and parents about 25-30 lakhs which are going to be mobilized in first two weeks of September will not face any transportation or health difficulties. Many children and parents have some health issues, and centres of these exams are not available in every city or district of India. Anyone who has given these examinations after 12th know that about 1000 people can be seen at every exam centres, this number is usually double of applicants because, kids are still about 17-18 years and parents come to drop them. Any talk of social distancing is just ridiculous here. Students of small towns and villages have to travel hundreds of km to reach centres in big cities. So, students really have genuine concerns.

Now, the critical part of situation is this issue is hijacked by left and anti-India elements. Government usually don’t give an ear to them, because they generally don’t speak in the interest of masses, but this time the case is different, here the issue is genuine. Government better knows that the official tally of infected and deceased of COVID is much less than actual numbers.

PM Modi must bow down in the interest of nation, learning from anti-CAA protests where a non-issue was taken by anti-India elements to break India, he should be well aware that this time many concerns are genuine, and anti-India elements need just some reason to start their breaking India operations.


Only he needs a week or 10 days to change the method of examination. Since, India has a solid IT infrastructure and these exams are online based, he needs to do a simple thing. He can give options to candidates to give examination from their home on their PCs, laptops or smartphones. This can reduce the applicants going to exam centres by half, hence there will be less crowd at exam centres, moreover due to internet availability, many students of small towns can too give exams sitting in their homes.

There will be points against this, like every student doesn’t have internet connectivity or smartphones or laptops, so yes they will have option of going to exam centres and giving exam in traditional way. Here we are just reducing number of people at exam centers and providing alternate convenient solutions. Some may raise doubts that this may lead to unfair practices adopted by candidates to give exams, but paper can be set in such a way that even is somebody is helping students, they don’t finish whole exam in 3hrs. Since NTA would already have the necessary infrastructure and many exams are already being conducted in this manner,this shouldn’t be a much problem.

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