Sunday, April 21, 2024


Indian students

“Operation Ganga”– first nation to initiate evacuation of every Indian citizen

Sudden belligerent behavior of Russia, declaration of martial law by Ukrainian government made the Indian citizens stuck in the war zones.

Studying abroad is not a matter of pride

The sad part is that after doing 12-years of schooling in India, a student goes to study in a foreign land many a times not to return to motherland. It is time we stop this phenomenon of brain-drain and help in developing our own nation.

A piece of honest advice to JEE/NEET aspirants

Dear students, any delay in exam is only your loss- semester by semester. So beware before protesting!

JEE-NEET issue now critical: PM Modi must step up

COVID-19 threat is nowhere subsiding and all the choices that students have is- choose career or health!

Why there is a lack of creativity in India

When marks and percentage become the criteria to measure intelligence; creativity must die.

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