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A piece of honest advice to JEE/NEET aspirants

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Normally, the exams happen in April, admissions are over by July and the session begins by August. Thus, if you take an entrance exam in September 2020 as declared, the session would start, best by January 2021. That is with around 5 months of delay – that is already loss of a semester. Any further delay- say postponing it to November/December 2020 would mean the session begins around March/April 2021. 

The 4 years of Engineering or Medicines are extremely hard, and no scope for change in the syllabus. They cannot show you 70% of how machines or heart works. There is no scope for “reduction”, you have to cover it. Covering 8-9 months of the syllabus in the remaining months running up to the end of 4 year period – is extremely “stressful”, and “frustrating”.  Even if the colleges extend the academic session by 6 months – the jobs market would become more competitive as more students who would be giving April 2021 exams would be entering the market – on equal footing. Their academic year cannot be delayed to accommodate you. The sessions if extended would make it job market more competitive as more students giving April 2021 exams would be there.

Leaving any syllabus – so that the degree is awarded on time – would make companies ignore you, and they would wait out. A 4-year education is also compulsory without compromise on syllabus for any future admissions to MIT, Harvard, and similar institutions. Appearing next year means you would have double the competition.

We know a lot about the virus today, and it cannot be contracted if we follow discipline – wearing masks and practicing social distancing. The discipline around 3-4 days of giving exams would go a long way to save you the “enormous” stress of covering 4 years syllabus in 3 years. If you have to cover in 3 years, it can make you frustrated, angry, .. and god forbids even suicidal. 

Follow precautions, show strength. Ask the government to have good transportation and lodging facilities. Already the number of centers have been increased.  Suggest the Government to enforce lockdown for 2 days before and 2 days after the exams. Perhaps an exam on Sunday which allows Friday to Monday of lockdown. We would gladly stay in our homes – even if our children are not supposed to appear for exams this year – as your students are our future – and along with your parents, we the rest of Indians to have a collective responsibility.

A very nice piece of article written by IIT Delhi director – Everyone is in support of you. Profit is secondary in everybody’s mind – your academic concern and future is of topmost priority.

Precaution is necessary. No one wants you to contract the virus. We have to make a choice here. In my honest opinion take the exam, and save yourself from the stress of catching up and covering the syllabus. Let me know your thoughts – if I have missed anything, I would learn from you too.

Best of Luck. 

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