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Hypocrisy of Prashant Bhushan

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Nidhi Lohani
Nidhi Lohani
Data Analyst | Aspiring Data Scientist | Blog Writer

Days after Prashant Bhushan has been held guilty of contempt by the Supreme Court for his derogatory tweets against judges, liberals have already started defending him blindly. The group of 772 citizens, including retired judges, lawyers and bureaucrats, has slammed those criticizing the Supreme Court order holding senior lawyer Prashant Bhushan guilty of contempt of court. His tweet saying SC is playing an active role in the ‘destruction of democracy’ is not an opinion it’s a claim. And when such a claim comes from a Supreme Court lawyer none the less, it gives a whole other context to it. To the liberals who are supporting him, just answer this – “Did he have proof that what he said was true? Wasn’t he given a chance to argue in court?”. So called controversial lawyer Prashant Bhushan, has history of blaming and putting baseless allegations on judiciary system every time decisions doesn’t entertain his thoughts personally.

To those who say that judiciary is a joke, they need to take a look at the countries with no judiciary. Every single citizen of this country enjoys a Fundamental Right under Art.19(1)(a) which deals with freedom of speech and expression. He could have said that – ” I am unhappy with supreme court decision”, instead he claimed out of no where that judiciary is destroying democracy. There is fine line between opinion and claim and that too being a lawyer you are more than a normal senior citizen. In my opinion, Prashant Bhushan case is a case of Criminal contempt of court. Elaborating it further, he is right to criticize CJI for not wearing mask or helmet but asserting a sentence – “CJI rides a 50 lakh motorcycle belonging to a BJP leader” is blowing an agenda that supreme court judges works under influence of BJP leaders and agenda of COVID-19 lockdown is to deny justice to common people like me, you and others. And it is well known that scandalizing the top most court of this country will break the trust of the people in judiciary and ultimately the democracy will be collapsed . In my view, This is can be completely construed as contempt of court. More to it, Bhushan has history of putting allegations without proof. This is his controversial tweet given below:

Going by logic of this so called prominent lawyer cum Liberandu, judges has no right to ride a costly bike during times of pandemic, and if they choose to do so it concludes that they doesn’t bother about pending cases or by keeping SC in lockdown mode is an act where he is openly denying justice to common people. Prashant Bhushan is so much filled with hatred that he fails to see the sense before putting allegations in name of freedom of expression. I am even feeling ashamed to call him lawyer at first place. People are accountable for the their words, so why not Mr Bhushan be held guilty for defaming SC just because CJI took ride on bike, that too without providing proof. Has he personally seen CJI riding it without helmet on road? Above pic is taken with bike on stand. What else Mr Bhushan expected? He is by no mean above the law. Highlighting the fact that court didn’t gave him a jail/fine or any punishment directly. They asked him to tender apology without any condition that too after giving him two days to correct his statement.

It can be clearly seen that these liberals and urban naxals has two standards, one for themselves and second for others. Where was this Prashant Bhushan when SC in 2019 had ordered release of journalist Prashant Kanojia despite of his derogatory remarks. One of his tweet is shown below:

It said that legitimate criticism of both judgments and the functioning of the institution has always existed, but, if the judiciary is to perform its duties and functions effectively, it is also essential to protect the dignity and authority of the courts. If you put allegation on another without having adequate proof , be prepared for the consequences.

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Nidhi Lohani
Nidhi Lohani
Data Analyst | Aspiring Data Scientist | Blog Writer
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