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Violence awaits silence

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STUDENT, Lives in Tenali, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Women are the queen of society. She has a bejeweled throne alongside the king. She dons as exquisite clothes as the king. She puts on as elegant crown as the king. Deep down, she feels her crown piercing her head. Her hands and legs are shackled to the throne. How would I describe this Captive, masqueraded as the Queen?

If I were a poet, I would describe women as a verse that holds the foremost purpose throughout the poetry. If I were a composer, I would describe women as a symphony that brings life to a vast emptiness. If I were a painter, I would describe women as a blend of beautiful autumnal colors that brings color to fade leaves.

If I were a patriarchal endorser, How I would describe a woman?
I would describe a woman as the embodiment of lusciousness and debt, who never billed to speak up, never stretches her hand to grab her identity, created only for her master.

Many masters across the world mastered violence successfully. They decided not to waste the time and indulged themselves in honing their violent skills. If she does decide to speak up and raise to grab her identity, master quietly ties her hand with the umbilical cord and muzzles her voice with society’s perspectives.

In this patriarchal society, domestic violence word itself never existed. They romanticize their acts against women as protecting the sanctity of society. Feminism and pro-feminism are the satanic words for a patriarchal society. They think profane talks such as women empowerment, gender equality are the main reason for global warming, melting of arctic glaciers.

Domestic violence is an insidious intricacy. We cannot discern with our senses. Though it is happening around us, We can not notice it unless what we want to do contradicts what we supposed to do. Society decides the itinerary for women. Whenever she takes a lead, society drifts their judgmental eyes over her. Society itself forms from women. Women happily split their bodies and spill blood to fuel for the humankind cycle.

Domestic violence not only indicates physical abuse, bruises, and wounds but mental scars, battering opinions, the crucifixion of freedom, and shredding identity as well. Domestic violence bolsters depriving of what she is supposed to have in her possession. She silently stands behind the door of change and fantasizes about crossing it one-day. If she tries to cross the door, the pile of egoistic patriarchal slams and society snide remarks impede her from crossing the door. Her fatigued soul collapses before doing anything for herself. Nothing hurts more than losing identity. Amidst rising patriarchy, losing identity is a trivial thing. As the master has outstripped every limit, so slaves who have already lost their identity braced themselves for losing their lives. When her eyes are filled with a flood of tears, she silently stops the flood by closing her eyes forever. She puts her love, patience, and compassion on the table in this sorcery world.she renders the world endlessly yet remains unaccompanied. Every time she hopes she will get something in return. Her weary soul feels used. A woman wakes up to hope and ends her day in distress.she has had enough in this life. The thought of reincarnation scares her. Nevertheless, what is the purpose of living a life with shackles? She would rather burn her soul in the abyss than living in the darkest dungeons of society.


Masters are neither born in a barbarian civilization nor with master genes. Masters emerged from willing slaves. Master creates rules if slave abides, Master instructs if slave obeys, Master creates a path if the slave follows. A master has never existed without a slave. Willing slaves gives form to hidden masters in every person. Never unveil your slave, once it is unveiled, many concealed masters form a new life and start pouncing on it.master-slave duo never existed in a material form. We are allowing ourselves to fill in the master-slave places.

Women are blindfolded with patriarchy and abandoned in the dark forests of society. Until unless she unveils herself and sees things with her own eyes, she will not be able to find the way out.

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STUDENT, Lives in Tenali, Andhra Pradesh, India.

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