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The liberal propaganda on Shivlinga Abhishekam

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I'm a sailor by profession and love to write, raise questions and debate with those who carry an anti-Indic approach. I'm a music enthusiast and love to sing and play guitar.

Unlike any other season monsoon is known to bring forth prosperity, greenery and a relief from the scorching heat of the summers in the shravan maas of the year. This month is dedicated to Lord Shiva and often people observe fasts and more than often abide by certain austerities in their diets such as avoiding consumption of meat products, leafy vegetables and foods like curd and milk or anything which takes longer for the body to digest.

The month of shravan is observed by visits of devotees to the temples of Lord Shiva where the ritual of Abhishek of the Shiva Lingam is practiced. In this ritual the Lingam is poured upon with milk, ghee and curd by the devotees seeking prosperity and well being in return. Just like most rituals in Hinduism, Abhishek of Shivling is both symbolic and scientific.

But often it is seen that akin to those insects and worms which often turn out in this season, various individuals across the board creep out of their lairs with a communist agenda and are seen targeting and condescending Hindus for their belief in the centuries old traditions. They often argue about the amount of food being wasted and how the same could be used to feed hundreds of hungry stomachs everyday. Mere ignorance leads the Hindus with faith getting patronized by these bloodsucking communists.

As told above every practice in Hinduism has a symbolic and a scientific basis and this one too is no different. According to our indigenous medical science Ayurveda, products such as Milk, curd and ghee are considered similar to poison during the month of shravan as they have a high ‘vita’ dosh in them. Vit is one of the three doshas (vit, pitt and kaph) in human body responsible for the overall well being of body and mind. An imbalance amongst them leads to various health problems within the body. Consumption of milk and its products during this season when their vit dosha is in excess, it being produced by animals grazing grass which itself has high vit dosh (as pointed above about green leafy vegetables) leads to create an imbalance of vit within the human body by increasing its content.

Hence milk consumption is not advised and its effects are considered akin to poison. Now if we come to think of the only God known to have consumed poison for the sake of mankind we are reminded of Lord Shiva. Hence he happily accepts milk as the offering and in turn bless his children with prosperity and well being. This is the symbolism and science behind the simple ritual.

Today, there exists a cabal of opportunists out there who make sure not to leave any stones unturned to defame and demerit the Hindu traditions and its ways of life. One such attempt was done by the movie PK and was hailed high and righteous by self proclaimed liberals. For such people a similar analogy advocated by them should be used against them to expose them by asking how many poor and hungry stomachs they could have fed by those ₹300 which they wasted on that movie.

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I'm a sailor by profession and love to write, raise questions and debate with those who carry an anti-Indic approach. I'm a music enthusiast and love to sing and play guitar.

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