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Death of a star – More so death of a beautiful soul

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I am finding it difficult to fathom your death Sushant , just like the millions out there who are lamenting over your loss I feel ever since I heard the news of your demise, I have been asking the same question to myself as to why, why did you have to go from this world so soon. I feel like a close one from my family passed away, it hurts every single day. And the pain doesn’t seem to subside but more so it seems to grow exponentially.

So many blind articles about you that tried to tarnish your image. And I was one of them to believe all that crap and felt that you were an arrogant and a troublesome person. Now I live in guilt every day because you were not arrogant at all, you were one of the most beautiful Human being I have ever come across as an Actor .Now that you are no more, The more I get to know you the more I feel the urge to apologize to you for not being there as your fan, for not watching your movies, for not acknowledging the person that you were, for not celebrating your life. You were indeed a charming man with the most beautiful smile and an Intelligent mind, and in your short lifespan you have touched a lot of lives and had you still been here with us you would have done wonders no doubt .Be it in the area of student education ,acting , physics or as a writer. You could have done anything and you would have been excelling in every field.

 Just two days prior to your death I watched your home tour show – ‘Asian Paints where the Heart is’. And that’s when I got a glimpse into your life and got impressed with  your passion for your books , your Telescope that sat in your drawing room which just showcased your immense love for Astronomy , your Maserati which made me believe that when you truly desire something and work hard towards it , you totally get to fulfil it.

I watched your movie Dil Bechara and I laughed and cried at the same time. Laughed when you made us laugh but cried when I realized you are no more with us.Just the way you said in the movie “Lets just pretend I am not dying”, Yes – I want to pretend you are not dead . Your acting is phenomenal and you will and always be the only star of Bollywood.

You are an inspiration to many who leave their small towns aspiring to become somebody. You are a star and one that shines the most and the one that is the biggest, brightest in the sky. I must tell you that Millions of people love you and are fighting for your justice because we believe you couldn’t have ended your life and definitely not like this. You were full of life, a man with great grit and determination. You loved your father, your sisters and your dog Fudge a lot to give them such a pain.

Just remember one thing, there are a lot of people in this world who are crying every day for your death and praying and also fighting for justice to be served.

I along with a lot of people miss you Sushant Everyday!!!

Gone too soon but alive within us forever …….

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