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Why it is important to be Nupur and Ajeet at this time

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In today’s world we are facing some very serious challenges and they need strong rebuttal. In absence of which we have been losing our battle for quite some times. This gains importance given the fact that there is a huge information overdose with fake news. Before going into detail we will need to understand the challenges at hand which are primarily in two parts.

First part is related to what we have been fed over the years. These sequences does not show complete picture and help build a halo around some of the people while discarding the contribution of others. Added with state secrets we are left with misinformation more than actual sequence of event. Lets take an example of 1962 humiliating defeat of Indian army. The Henderson Brooks report still finds its way as well kept secret in defense ministry files. On similar lines many other events like Gandhi’s murder investigation, Subhash and Shashtri’s death etc are all a well kept secret. Now as we understand this is part of history and history is what help us understand mistakes of the past paving way for future course correction. Moreover with these not completely correct information we have been into the conspiracy theories. Factually incorrect or better say in complete information has only help build political narratives. And it stands true for any point of time in history of a nation.

Second part is equally dangerous as the selective quotation of facts from history has helped create division and moral down gradation of the societal progress. Defeat in 1962 is shown through out the history but Nathu la and Cho La pass war is often ignored. This selective-ism has its root in communist allegiance towards china. Unfortunately after the independence the history writing went into hands of communists who wrote it keeping in mind the perspective of communist lords. Fiction created and facts ignored.People of alternative views of history like Sitaram Goel, RC Majumdar, Sandhya Jain and many more were neglected who seemed to presenting the facts against these fiction. The modus operandi in this has been discrediting dissenting views and through the use of power dissuading all those trying to present more logical and proof based history writing.

Now coming back to the point of this article. History has been compromised and there is no doubt about it. Facts need to come out and when out in the open they are bound to shut some very well meaning shops who have been acting against Indian interests by presenting selective facts. Any dissent or discussion from existing point of view is discredited as Bhakts views. So the challenge is two way. One being asking tough question on part of painting of history and other being preventing oneself getting into fake news arena. The dangers of challenging the existing system is that a single misstep can discredit your all effort in right direction and communist payroll people have been manipulating this for ages.

Now why Nupur and Ajeet and likes of them become more important in this realm is that they have stuck their neck and are fighting a direct battle. A battle which is against established thuggery in history, economics, politics and all realms of life. They fight everyday a battle where there are dangers of slipping and being discredited. Problem today is with young,students, masses and all who are not ready to accept the fight in letter and spirit. The branding is such that no industrious effort is made in directions of finding the truth. We have started working in binary mode where everything is either pro government or against government. This way confusions are rising and fight in the direction towards truth exposing the follies of established order or guiding government on its missteps is becoming very difficult.

Its time we fought this hard. We have the role models who are fighting it day and night and inspire young to be brave enough to research on the truth without getting affected by thuggery or fakery. There is no other way out in order to fight this renaissance than sticking your neck out. I will conclude this article by one tweets of Nupur

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