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The making of the Hindu homeland

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The day was 16th August 1946 everything was normal except the fact that India was to be partitioned. The Muslim League leader Mohammed Ali Jinnah called for “Direct Action Day” in his own words he proclaimed “we shall have a divided India or a destroyed India.”

The Partition of India and coming of Minority Hostage Theory:-

After the failure of Cabinet Mission Plan, which recommended a loose three-tier confederation the unity of Akhand Bharata seemed threatened.

the voting for partition, as captured by first female photojournalist of India

Gopal Godse in his book “गांधीहत्या आणि मी” described the barbaric killing of Hindus in newly formed Pakistan. Hindu, Sikh, Sindhi, Punjabi and Bengali women were raped, men killed and infants were tossed and hooked into guns barrels. A total of 15 million people were displaced during and after partition. Hindus were the main sufferers of partition they were robbed of their dignity in Pakistan and in their home “India” as they were ousted from Mosques by Mahatma, in which they sought shelter in spine chilling cold. Total exchange of population would have been justice for our Hindu brethren but, here came Minority Hostage Theory in effect.

Minority Hostage Theory:-

Nehru – Liaquat Pact signed on 8th April 1950 was Drafted to protect the minorities of both state. It led to the creation of Minority Commission both in India and Pakistan. As Pakistan a Theocratic state based on the ideology of the torment of minority until completely submitted to Islam or wiped out. They Used their Hindu Minority as hostage for negotiations with India and religious persecutions.

Pakistani Hindus in such state

Abduction of young girls and women, forced marriages and conversion is the main tool of Islamic leaders and of states. Even in the times of COVID 19, the Minority is denied of ration and the Mosques called to convert to Islam in exchange of ration.

A ray of hope- Citizenship Amendment Act:

The act passed on 11th December 2019 corrects the historical wrong doing which were faced by our Hindu brothers and sisters. While its cut off date is 31st December 2014 there is a hope that it would be changed by other amendments. It indirectly recognized India as the Homeland of Hindus and other Indic Faith’s. As our Hindu brothers and sisters whose lives were transformed into hell by the Islamic state of Pakistan can come home and live with dignity and Honour.

The opposition to the act by the unholy alliance of Islamists and the left is due to the theological belief that the minorities in Islamic state is to be tortured until complete submitted to Islam

Now the time has come to see through the lens of CAA those who oppose CAA should be dropped and publicly condemned.

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