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Sons giving shoulder to parents on demise

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There was very interesting interaction I had with a close friend this morning. She said why do parents expect that son give a shoulder to them after their death. Now according to our Hindu Shastra and religion we all have to fulfill 3 debts in life :
One is towards our parents
Second is toward the Guru and
the third is towards almighty lord the creator

Towards parents it’s by giving them the shoulder on their death. Towards Guru by giving him Guru Dakshina. Third is towards the AlmightyGod by performing our daily Pooja and chanting their name, giving gratitude and what good deeds or karmas we do is given or surrender at his lotus feet.

In Mahabharat Dronacharya tells Arjun to fight in the battle field of the Kurukshetra and this it was the time he wanted to test of his student or shishya had learnt all that was taught to him and if he failed he would return his gurudakshina

Karan was the shishya of Lord Parshuram and Lord Parshuraam had told him to always stand for the RIGHT and the day he would support the wrong he would forget all the knowledge he had received from him.

Now coming back to the topic we as parents start seeing the future of the children and make decisions for them and start training their mind to be away from them and make a future for themselves in a foreign land thinking that they want children to reach the moon without futuristic thinking that towards the end of our life we will want them to around us so that loneliness doesn’t haunt us. By the time we realise all this it’s far too late to bring them back to home land or closer to us as we don’t want to disturb their future and their success.

So Why do we want the children to give us shoulder to us on the last journey of our life when we send them away. Then why do we go through the torture of giving birth ?

It’s all through our selfish attitude we want our children for our last rites. So either we don’t build their future in foreign land or don’t give birth.

At the end of the day it’s we who decide our last rites from the day we are born and it’s our soul which decides our life plan which it has already planned before coming to this world. We are only carriers of the soul and we with our good or bad deeds shape our soul for the next birth or Moksha.

So having children or not having children is immaterial. It’s our soul journey which we have to work on.

Radhe Krishna
Nirmala Shahani

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