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June, 1975: An Important Chapter of our history

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How many of you know about Emergency (1975)? How many of you know that Indira Gandhi declared emergency just to stay in power?

A large number of Indians, specially our young generation don’t even know anything about the emergency because it was never included in our history books. It was never taught in the schools or colleges. But I am going to tell you some amazing facts about the emergency.

-> How many of you know that it was Shashi Bhushan(father of Prashant Bhushan, same Prashant Bhushan who is famous for writing mercy petitions for terrorists) who was lawyer of Raj Narayan, who filed the petition against Indira Gandhi for corruption during the elections of 1971 and in fact he won the case which lead to the emergency.

In Picture : Raj Narayan

In Picture : Adv. Shashi Bhushan

-> How many of you know that Indira Gandhi was found guilty of doing corruption during the elections and a judgement was given by the Allahabad High Court that she will not be able to contest any elections for 6 years and her victory was invalid and she has to resign with immediate effect.

-> After this judgement Indira Gandhi with the help of Nani Palkiwala (one of best advocates of this country) got a stay on this judgment from Supreme Court. But that was a conditional stay which says that she will remain the PM of India but her vote will not be valid in the parliament.

Pic : Declaration of stay order by Supreme Court

-> How many of you know that, after that conditional stay on the order of Allahabad high court, Indira Gandhi with the help of the President and her son declared emergency in India on 25th June 1975. She then too full control of the largest democracy in the world and jailed almost every opposition leader.

Pic : Emergency declared and top opposition leaders were jailed

-> How many of you know that, after imposing the emergency Indira Gandhi with the help of Law minister made amendments in the constitution according to her, which will keep her in the power. There was no one to question her as the whole opposition was in jail.

Pic : Amendments made in the Elections Law – 1951

-> How many of you know that the amendments which were made by Indira Gandhi during the emergency are actually the rules that led to the corruption charges against her. So those amendments will ultimately made the judgment of Allahabad High Court invalid and her 1971 election victory valid.

Pic : Amendments made in the Elections Law – 1951

->How many of you know that during the time of emergency, everyone was misusing their power. The state of law and order was so poor that policemen was arresting anyone who ever had any personal conflict with them.

-> After long 21 months of fascism emergency was relaxed in 1977.

-> This important part of our history was not included in our textbooks for obvious reasons. The sad part is the same dynasty never apologized for emergency and we gave them power again and again.

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