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I-mania: Islamophobia may be irrelevant hence, Islamomania is an apt one

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Recently, an African-American person was allegedly killed by some policeman in one of the cities of the USA. Against this, a number of protests of varying nature and magnitude erupted in various parts of the USA and rest of the world as well.

The most prominent placards displayed a slogan saying ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’. However, some Islamists and their propagators chose to blow their own trumpet in this scenario. They started a slogan saying ‘MUSLIM LIVES MATTER’. Although, there obviously seems no situation to warrant the raising of such a slogan, yet this type of trumpeting has been a phenomenon going on round the world for quite some time.

I remember a rather funny anecdote related by a friend of an occasion when he was travelling in a Minibus in Jammu city. A tall Muslim was standing in the middle recess of the bus, leaning and holding the steel bar above his head. When the bus jumped over a speed-breaker, his head banged against the bar, pulling out a painful whine from him saying, “Every atrocity in this world is against Muslims!”

They always say and also feel that the whole (non-Islamic) world is against them; not realising that it is actually they who have inherited an intolerance for anything and everything outside the domain of Islam.

Over the centuries, they have engaged themselves and their resources for propagating and imposing their religion and their religious practices in every society they came across with and oppressing the ones who have resisted their programmes and designs.

Wherever they happen to be in majority, they have systematically annihilated any non-Muslim minorities by mocking and humiliating them, levying heavy taxes on them, forcibly converting them, kidnapping and raping their womenfolk, enslaving their young, brazenly and mercilessly killing them, making them flee and chasing them away. Yet nobody is expected to raise an eyebrow for that, as that is considered ‘normal’ in Islamic world. It is not just practiced in Islam but it is a standard Islamic practice. Anything and everything outside the realm of Islam is either sought to be Islamised or otherwise destroyed. However, if someone chooses to protest, he is said to be suffering from Islamophobia.

The hatred for other religions is injected into the veins of muslims by continuous indoctrination right from their childhood and replenished every now and then by their religious scholars and lecturers. Every now and then one can witness their physical as well as verbal attacks on the activities and practices of non-muslims, as a matter of some of their religious duties. However, if it is criticised or resisted in some societies, the term Islamophobia comes to their rescue.

Islamophobia is a mythical term coined by Islamists to jeopardise the sincere efforts of the sane world for combating the medieval and barbaric thoughts and deeds of the violent creed of propagators of Islam.

It is widely chanted by their henchmen with a willful purpose of negating the resistance to their violent and lecherous ways and by some pseudo-intellectuals for either being in league with them or in a vain search of a lofty identity or both. Its trumpet is blown out of proportion by the paid media for obvious reasons. Its sole aim is to cover up the misdeeds of the Islamic enthusiasts and to protect them from the criticism of the non-Islamic world.

In any event, which calls for Muslims to mend their atrocious acts and ways, it is quickly chosen to dilute the negative opinion about this medieval religion or to play down any criticism against the loathsome practices of its followers. The weapon with which the same is executed is Islamophobia.

Nonetheless, there is yet another term which needs to be coined by the sane world for a real phenomenon that is perpetuated day in and day out around the world. It could be called ‘Islamomania’.
Mania, as per any dictionary means an obsession or a mental illness reflected by excessive enthusiasm or desire marked by euphoria, delusions and overactivity.

On any occasion, which may not even be remotely connected to Islam or Muslims, if it is chosen to be seen from the point of view of Islam, Islamists or Muslims in general; that should be called Islamomania.

Wherever they are in minority, Muslims not only insist on having their way over and above the law of that land, but also on propagating their practices amongst other religious and ethnic groups. Practicing of Islamic Sharia on their community and defiance of the accepted constitution of the countries they live in is a case in point. The respective governments and law enforcing authorities silently watch it happen. Moreover, there are various organisations in the non-Muslim societies which justify such ‘nation within nation’ attitude of Muslims as their right to freedom of religion.  

The other one is the Halal way of consumerism. They find it against Islamic directives to accept anything produced or served by a non-Muslim. As such, they persuade the business houses to deploy only Muslims to produce and serve the consumables for them. As the other religious groups have no such restrictions, it is logically propagated to have the economy of the whole society run by the Muslims, for the sake of acceptance by Muslims. This practice would eventually deprive all the non-Muslims of their livelihood. Nevertheless, the Business class has started moving in that direction and even justifying their action by calling it business-sense.

It appears that appeasement of Muslims is fast becoming the order of the day.

In any country or society, if they are going to make a law or implement one, a particular group of politicians, intellectuals and media persons start lobbying and gathering opinions in respect of that particular law with respect to Islam or Muslims. 

Recently a law in India was amended to accommodate the long suffering minorities of neighbouring Islamic countries, who have sought refuge in India, by granting citizenship to them. It was opposed tooth and nail not only by Muslims all over the world, calling it anti-Islamic, but also a huge chunk of non-Muslims joined to rhyme their voices with them for the same reason. It was called unethical to rescue any persons, whom Muslims would choose to torment.

Similarly, giving relief to Muslim women who face untold miseries in the face of one-sided sudden divorce in a male- chauvinistic Muslim society is considered an atrocity against Muslims by many non-Muslims as well.

Moreover, a political move of withdrawing special provisions of law in respect of Jammu & Kashmir state of India is considered against muslims by many political pundits and media icons, because muslims are in majority in that state.

There have been long standing demands for withdrawing partisan Hajj subsidy to muslims seeking to go on Hajj pilgrimage or stopping discriminatory special pension to maulvis of schools teaching Quran to young muslims or auditing the huge funds collected by muslim Waqf Boards, by clandestine means and measures, for suspicion of their misuse for terrorist activities. However, governments find their hands too tight to act in that direction, just for the fear of displeasing muslim community.

To cap it all with the drama that unfolded when Health workers tried to rescue and quarantine a large group of Covid-19 infected ‘tabligi’ muslims gathered in an Islamic centre in Delhi. They refused to be rescued pleading that it was un-Islamic to be treated by non-Muslim doctors and para-medics and with allopathic medicines.

A good number of them whisked away and infected thousands of persons across the length and breadth of the country. The more overwhelming was the vigorous pleading for their point of view by various groups of politicians, intellectuals and media. That is the depth of Islamomania in the societies around us.

Every non-Muslim society lives in the illusion that by giving special privileges to Muslims or ignoring their sickening repulsive behaviour, they would win their friendship. Muslims know it more than their non-Muslim counterparts, because they work overtime to do continuous lobbying for that very idea. In the process, they acquire more and more privileges, paving way to more and more power in their hands as well as more and more immunity against any socio-political or economic measures taken against their barbarism.

Islamomania is for real as light of the day. You can see it everywhere and even feel its stench. Yet you may not be in a position to do anything to protect yourself from its tenacious tentacles. The reasons for that is the stand-off displayed by other societies or sections of the same society in its favour. The whole world stands divided on the issue.

Only one society stands united for its interests to convert the whole world to its belief and preaching. That is the overall society of Muslims; despite their internal differences of whatever kind and magnitude. If they raise a slogan of ‘fidelity’ even in one small corner of the world, its resonance is felt the whole world over.

Rest of the world is busy in appeasement of these medieval minded barbarians in any and every way it can.

So if you protest against hundreds of Muslims causing traffic jams by offering Namaz on the road blocked for that purpose, they will call you suffering from Islamophobia.

However, if you and your fellow travelers silently relinquish your seats and berths in a moving train and huddle up in a clumsy corner for letting a group of bullying Muslims to offer Namaz and justify their incursion as their religious obligation or downplaying your suffering on that account as goodwill gesture, I would like to call you suffering from Islamomania.    


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