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Hamesha Hamesha – Sushant Singh Rajput’s impact on me and the world

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Up until the last few days, the only link that showed up in “Frequently Visited” was a link to my gradebook. Now there’s a second link – something I’ve searched up so much, that I no longer have to type it upon opening Safari because their algorithm has set up a convenient clickable icon on my Safari home page. Starting from June 14th, I’ve made the same search at least once each hour – I’ve typed “Sushant Singh Rajput” into my search bar hoping to find a new article or to discover something about the inner enigma of his brilliant mind. I’ve read about the interrogations, reflected on Bollywood’s nepotism, and have continued to grapple with the idea that the world lost an astronomy loving shining star. Scanning through his 50 goals, trying to comprehend his Instagram posts, and digesting the injustices he faced, I continued to struggle to put together the Fault in his stars. 

“Fault in our Stars” – we know it as John Green’s famous novel upon which Dil Bechara is based. What many don’t know is the title comes from a line in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Cassius states to Brutus, “The fault, dear Brutus is not in our stars / But in ourselves, for we are underlings” suggesting that no one and no force but ourselves are to blame for the evil nature of the world. Only recently we’ve started acknowledging the cruelty in the show business. We’ve only recently started wondering what demons could infiltrate one’s mind. We’ve only recently started pondering upon what could pave the way for these demons to enter the minds of some struggling individuals. In attempts of piecing together what may have happened and what Sushant was going through, I too came up with theories of my own – and no not the type of theories Sushant loved, so I won’t discuss them here. He left us with many lingering questions that have sparked those theories, but at the same time, he’s left us with something greater. His ambitions, successes, and even failures have left us all with something, whether it be an universal lesson applicable to all walks of life, or the inspiration to chase a dream. Inspired by his skill (and similar interests in STEM), awed by his brilliance and charisma, and disheartened by his demise, I felt compelled to express what invaluable lessons he has left with the world.

“Whatever I am today and whatever I am going to do, is the collective result of my achievements and mistakes. I love them equally!” – SSR

He showed us the importance of being accountable for our choices – believing in each decision we make, and accepting the consequences.

“The more I learn about things, I realize how wrong I was before” – SSR

He not only showed us the magic of learning – he showed us the value of learning from our successes and failures – He was always willing to take ownership of his faults and open to sharing his knowledge and gaining knowledge from others.

“I have been overshadowed for the first 25 years of my life when I was nobody to the world. But I was a superstar in my head!” – SSR

With his charismatic demeanor and modest soul, he showed us the importance of believing in ourselves, having a sense of self-confidence and being our own superstar.

Lastly, he showed us a true example of…

A versatile actor. An inquisitive student.  A loving brother. A supportive friend. And most importantly, A humble, down to earth human being. Sushant, you will be loved. You will be missed. You’ll remain in our hearts forever – Tum hamesha, hamesha paas rakhne ki cheez ho…Yes, both the “hameshas” are necessary.

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वर्ण व्यवस्था और जाति व्यवस्था के मध्य अंतर और हमारे इतिहास के साथ किया गया खिलवाड़

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