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Congress campaign split up in it’s own

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As a part of campaign Congress urges Modi government to transfer Rs 10000 to poor and Rs 7500 to monthly for six months. The Congress targets the Modi government for the loss of livelihood caused by the lock down due to coronavirus. The Congress campaign comes two days ahead of the Modi government first anniversary in its second term. Beside anniversary celebration the party has also launched a concert drive to publicize the steps it has taken to provide relief to migrants and the poor as the party was concerned that its popularity has taken a beating due to the migrant crisis amid the Covid lockdown. But the Congress itself can’t explain the things the first state to impose lock down was Punjab followed by Rajasthan. Maharashtra and Punjab were the first one to extend lockdown till 31 May. The absence of political leadership through the COVID 19 crisis in Maharashtra is corroborated by none other than the state Congress leaders themselves.

The state government is unaware of the powers and functions of the second tier government and instead abdicated the responsibility on Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation(BMC).The Congress leader Rahul Gandhi sought to distance from the Maharashtra government handling of the COVID crisis saying it only played a supporting role in the state.The opposition has been attacking the Centre for not being able to strike a balance between protecting human lives and saving the economy. The Congress also alleged that economic package given to business enterprise is not enough.

The Congress is split up inside their own party and one doesn’t know what the other is doing. Sonia Gandhi announces the party will pay for the train tickets of the labourers and Rahul Gandhi doesn’t even tweet about it. The Congress come across as not being run not by their leaders , but those who hasn’t won a single election. PM Modi has succeed in handling the Coronavirus pandemic which has claimed lakhs of lives and infected millions of peopled around the world. India so far has succeded in slowing down the pace of infection and primary reason behind is timely imposing of lockdown.

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