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China- Dark spot of the globe

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The communist country which was to be a very secretive nation just like it’s friend North Korea, proved it’s point by keeping the whole globe in the shadow about the deadly virus. As the report suggests the outbreak started in the mid November, but China kept quiet and continued working as if nothing happened. No physical communication of China with the rest of the world was hindered by the Chinese Government which helped in spreading the virus worldwide.


CCP’s (Chinese Communist Party) illicit affairs started from mid November and took over the world. First, they censored the news about the outbreak, and then they silenced the whistleblowers out of which some are missing and some are dead.

Dr. Li Wenliang who tried to warn the world about covid-19 virus was punished and tortured by Chinese authorities and eventually died of the disease on February 7. Dr. Hu Weifeng who worked with Dr. Li has also died of the virus.

Ren Zhiqiang, a Chinese businessman who criticized CCP’s response towards the corona pandemic, is also missing since March. Several others along with a journalist named Chen Giushi have also gone off the radar.

CCP is well known for the anti democratic activities and its habit of suppressing the voices of the Chinese population. The whole world witnessed that in 1989 Tiananmen Square protests which took numerous lives of innocent Chinese students by the hands of their politically controlled army which is trained only to suppress the protests within the country.

At present the world is still witnessing a Nazi like behavior of the Chinese government towards the Uighur Muslims who are kept in detention camps in Xinjiang, China.

It is seen since ages that whenever anyone tries to speak up against the CCP, whether they are Chinese civilians or even the government officials, they are silenced in all the inhuman and illegal ways.


The CCP and its military are famous for their corrupt and dictatorial activities, but this time their corruption crossed the Chinese borders and reached Geneva to the WHO Headquarters as said by the US President.

The WHO after feeling uneasy due to such allegations is now blaming China for hiding the facts about the virus outbreak and not informing the organization on time. But whatever the truth is, it can be stated that Mr. Tedros Adhanom didn’t do his job well. 

The evil dragon hasn’t stopped yet, it sees this time as a big business opportunity to expand its corrupt trade practices. They are exporting masks, medicines, medical equipments and even TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicines) worldwide and earning huge bulk of profits. Reports suggest that china has done a business of about 63.2 Billion Yuan during this pandemic.

To add up to these sinister works of the communists, they are also looking for medicine companies to acquire them and sell corona vaccines for future business. They have a plan of doing hostile takeovers all around the world, as they did with the Norwegian airlines.

But to cope with such situations the countries are making laws to deal with this devil, like India and Germany have made laws for FPIs (Foreign Portfolio Investments) to be scrutinized more strictly. India is also pushing a movement to stop the use of Chinese products and applications as much as possible. UK is also planning to eradicate the Chinese tech giant Huawei completely by 2023.

The US on the other hand has passed a much stricter law which orders the Chinese firms to give up all the information which they were previously allowed to keep as a secret and even to check for future investments from China. Moreover, US has even delisted about 600 Chinese companies from their Stock exchanges, surely the CCP is getting a lot of heat from the west especially from the Republican Party.


To keep the countries away from criticizing them, China has now adopted their old petty practices to poke its neighbours and own countrymen. By doing so the Chinese government is trying to gain sympathy and take revenge for the worldwide criticism at the same time.

China passed a new law for Hong Kong which infringes the democratic rights of the citizens which is criticized by the world leaders across the globe, the United Kingdom has stated that the law is totally against the 1997 handover of Hong Kong agreement between the British and the Chinese governments and is totally against the ‘one nation two systems’ character of China.

China, like always is also threatening Taiwan during the pandemic but this time they used a senior army official of the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) to threaten them with the possibility of military attack on Taiwan.They didn’t stop there, they are also disturbing their all time neighbour India on border issues in Sikkim and Ladakh along the LAC (Line of Actual Control). This is their oldest trick to annoy India and they are using it since ages. This time China has even turned India’s ‘good’ neighbour Nepal into a ‘bad’ one. The northern friend of India is now asking for 3 territories of Uttarakhand – Kalapani, Limpiyadhura and Lipulekh under China’s pressure due to the burden of Chinese loan on Nepal.

As reported by the US officials deployed in Japan, the Chinese navy has increased its activities in the East China Sea which is in dispute with Japan and is doing the same thing in the South China Sea to create problems for Malaysia, Vietnam & Philippines. 

To help the Chinese government in their intimidation business, the country has its own state sponsored media houses who are regularly lashing out their hate and their terrorizing statements on the global platform. What else can be expected from a country where there is no concept of laws, judiciary or jurisdiction and where everything is decided by the CCP?

Instead of doing some charitable works for the world community, the communist nation is increasing its businesses and creating hindrances at the borders. That’s what communism in the present times looks like.


The countries all around the globe have now stepped up against the red dragon in their own ways. The US has restricted a lot of trade with the Chinese plus they have also limited the number of flights between the two countries.

US has been inviting countries like India, Australia, South Korea and even Russia to expand the G7 and make it G10 or G11, all this to group together all the world’s most powerful economies to counter China and to support each other in trade activities, but it is unlikely for Russia to be a part of the group.

Donald Trump has even terminated the WHO funding due the organization’s deceitful relationships with China, US used to give 400 Million USD per year. Reports have also suggested that many Chinese students studying in the US who have prior relations with the military schools of China are being sent back to their home country on the charges of espionage.

The island continent on the other hand has proposed for a probe to inspect into the origin of covid-19 in the WHA (World Health Assembly) which is supported by around 123 nations including India. India and Australia have also signed for many trade, technology related and defense agreements in India’s first ever bilateral virtual summit with any country. The Chinese have been saying that this is also a step to counter them, as if anything happening in the world is about them.

When all the cards of the dragon are now on the table and the secret bubble in which China used to hide itself is exposed, the countries should not let them go unpunished. They need to answer and pay for the countless deaths and innumerous economic losses they have caused everywhere.

The world needs to unite against these 21st century Nazis in all the possible ways, the Bully needs to be stopped.

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