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A warning, not interpreted by all!

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News about the custodial death of an African American George Floyd gained worldwide attraction. A movement which was started to bring about a change in society reduced to a mere market loot gang, all to the grace of Jihadi forces, which have this incredible ability to hijack every other protest for their benefits.

The campaign received a huge response from India as well. So-called intellectuals and kitty party journalists tried there best to equate the case with a special community and called for similar protests to create unrest in India.

What was less talked and under-reported was the murder of a sarpanch from Kashmir by Hizbul terrorists. This is not just another murder, the sarpanch Ajay Pandita was a Kashmiri Pandit and the only non-Muslim leader in the area. He was a congress worker, which further clarifies that this is nothing but the old hatred towards Kashmiri Pandits

After 70 years of India’s Independence and almost 3 decades of terror in the valley, locals got a taste of Panchayati raj system and true Swarajya. This murder was a message to the entire community and the people who voted him to not forget the 1971 genocide and keep themselves away from the mainstream, it was a challenge to the system and an attempt to suppress their voices.

Trend analysis shows a huge gap in search volumes for both keywords

But a simple trend analysis shows how the death of a Kashmir Pandit doesn’t suit the agenda of these 2 BHK journalists and how hypocrite the world is. The death of an American citizen flooded Indian social media, on the other hand, ethnic genocide on Kashmiri Hindus continues to be something very normal.

The incident also raises questions on the credibility of various international organizations, who call themselves a watchdog of global democracy and are silent when the victim is from one community.

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