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Sentiments: Only Kashmir sentiments matter and not rest of India’s?

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Long have we been seeing the unrest in Kashmir. People argued that the local sentiments are not in India’s favour. We are made to believe that this is the main reason of the valley not seeing a day of freedom without fear and doubts. To some extent if we agree to this narrative then we can come to a conclusion that it is somewhat selfish. Where is the sacrifice which keeps national sentiments first than local sentiment? Why the people don’t realise that the country has lost an army officer from every town and city of this country.

Every few kilometres we can find a family who has lost a loved one protecting the local people from the insurgents who even at times throw stones at them. Even if we agree that Kashmiri sentiments are not being listened to, we must acknowledge that even the sentiments of Kashmiri Pandits were not given much importance. Why we forget the sacrifice of the Pandits as a casual incident in the past. Its easy to say that sentiments are not being heard But history remembers sacrifices and not favours. Time has come to give up something and create what Kashmir truly is; a symbol of of peace as fragrant as its saffron.

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