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“Sangh” & “Seva”- two synonyms

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Bengal has India’s 2 largest rivers, the Ganga and Brahmaputra, these 2 rivers meet in Bengal province. In the year 1913 there was huge flood in these rivers which resulted in deaths of thousands and huge loss of property. As it was British rule non bothered about it, that became talk of the town in entire nation that how the people were affected yet British did not help them. Some people went to Ram Krishna Ashram and registered their name as “Sevapathak”. This organization went to far places and gave food to eat. People used to appraise them for their dedication to do Seva. These are the lessons taught in Shakha to Swayam Sevaks. 

In an interesting document of shakha the word SEVA is explained in detail which is as follows. “Is going to work is seva.? Pujari doing pooja in mandir is seva..? Giving donation to get appraisal is seva..? Missionary working for one religion is seva.?? The answer to all these is NO. Then what us seva .? Seva is never ending dharma (work)  सेवा परमो  धर्म। which is done not to get anything in return not get any fame and name, and more importantly after this seva there shall not be an attitude of the work one did is called seva”. These lessons are the essence which make a organization to work towards public good. 

When nation is in war against COVID-19 SEVA by RSS has set a benchmark for generations to learn from these. From a document of RSS the data’s speaks in itself. The data is, Places Served: 85,701, Dedicated Volunteers: 4,79,949, Ration kit donated to Families : 1,10,55,450, Meal packets distribution : 7,11,46,500, Migrant workers helped in different ways : 27,98,09, Blood Donation : 39,851, Mask Distribution : 62,81,117. 

The numbers shows their hard work and their dedication to the society. Yet one another thing to be appraised of is the fact that SWAYAM SEVAKS REFRAIN FROM TAKING PHOTOS WHILE DOING SEVA. Had it been any other organisation they would have done so in order to get name and fame, but for RSS work speaks. 

World Renowned Batsman and Captain Indian Cricket team Shri Virat Kohli has also appreciated sister organization of RSS the “seva bharti”. Seva bharti is engaged in seva work over the years. In 2016 Bihar floods RSS did Seva karya quietly with more than 11,000 volunteers. 

RSS was invited for parade  on republic day by the then prime minister Nehru in the year 1963, in recognition of volunteered work done by RSS during war of 1962. They worked at traffic signals too at that time of crisis. Police and Paramilitary forces were either deployed on borders or were sent to the areas of where relief camps were established. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh sent its volunteers all over Northeast borders with relief materials. 

RSS Parade on Republic Day: RSS believes in India- Bharat.

The sangh does not serve for selfishness, or to play it’s sitting. The society of 130 crores is it’s own society, is it’s own country, that is why we work. The victim- he has go work fir himself. No one is left untouched this is out motto” – Dr Mohanji Bhagwat

“As much power as much service is our tradition. With this sentiment, we have also helped the world as much as possible” – Sarsanghchalak Ji.

“Their work for society will always remain as an example of seva for future generations on India”.

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