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Malayam Media: The stepping stone in the rise of anti-nationalism

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When entire India celebrated the integration of Kashmir, the entire multitude of Kerala media was busy with bifurcation of Kashmir, demonizing armed forces and predicting that Kerala would be the next ‘TARGET’. Irony was that this was the same media that gave rise to some of the strongest anti-corruption crusaders that has fallen into this pathetic state. The various take-overs, campus violence and even ‘police raid’ threats from the part of kerala government are part of this trend setting.

Kerala is a state that has a deep rooted left cadre. Unlike Bengal, Tripura the traditional apparatus of the left is supported by the IT cell. It is well known that the left IT cell and policies in state are dictated by sleeper cells. Heavy money flow in left party machinery is coordinated by the same jihadi-left nexus. Most colleges in Kerala are dominated by left apparatus. It is either the Professors or the students who tend to be on the left side. The net result is that every student is exposed anti-national narrative set by the left. As per government data, there are 92 colleges in Kerala that offer journalism or mass Communication. Of these 92, 78 of them have students body ruled by SFI (CPM’s student wing). 10 of them has got MSF (Muslim student’s Federation). So its natural that most of the budding Kerala journalists tend to be anti-nationals. A well known Manorama news anchor whose presence in screen itself radiates negativity and a sense of foreboding was an active SFI member. She is also dubiously close to CPM MLA M Swaraj, who openly ridiculed army and even went on to claim that ‘Lord Ayyapa was fake saint of previous era’. Yes, left student wings promote anti-nationals. The same ideology gets transferred to budding journalists.

Arnab Goswami is a hate figure among lefts and ‘pseudo seculars’. Reason is simple: his voice reaches every corner of the nation. Be it over dramatic, his voice and his views are dagger to their hearts. Therefore, cyber-attacks on him and his channel is common. Cable TV operators association in Kerala too is a sidekick of CITU(left trade union).So all channels that do not support CPM is also cut off. Thus, through these effective means a “mini North Korea” is created. When riots broke out in Delhi, Malayalam media, especially MADHYAMAM (owned by Muslim league) was hyper active in twisting facts and victimizing minority community. MATHRBHUMI which used to be an independent channel became more aligned to Islamic fundamentalism after a dubious take-over. Little is known about the takeover, except the fact that investors of anonymous identity have business in Middle East. The chain of events are happening in broad daylight,yet its importance is played down.

The neutral community (neutral voters) are always deceived by the biased news popping up in Kerala media. The journalists always take up the left side, isolating BJP spokespersons. The print media in Kerala too has the same state. Reports are heavily biased. Even a rape case involving a CPM leader or ‘non-khafir’ comes up, the media goes conspicuously silent. Added to it, every news channel works around a corporate line. Heavy funds organized by these anti-nationals means they hijack the channel. This deep rooted cycle of anti-nationalism is ever growing and if not tightening its grip.

The only way to break this chain is to promote nationalism with valid points rather than sentiments. Counter anti-nationalism with the same model of underground nationalist networks, healthy debates (i.e not discussing communal hatred) involving valid nationalist points and even exposing truth to people.Else the state of Kerala might get out of control.

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