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Lesson to be learnt from the most dangerous prisoner

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Author of the book - "INDIANS MUST KNOW - Lets Be Proud"

The world is facing this gruesome situation for the first time since inception. There were many epidemics and wars happened in the past but the effects were limited to certain countries and most of the world was unconcerned. This COVID situation is first of its kind and most of humanity has been in lockdown in their dwellings. This jail-like atmosphere is new to us. Initially, people enjoyed this phenomenon by circulating relevant jokes and stayed positive. Then they found some ways to keep them busy. As the lockdowns are getting extended people have started feeling anxious. British Parliament has predicted that after Corona Pandemic there are chances of people facing Anxiety Pandemic which may cause even severe anarchy in the countries. The tremendous increase of domestic violence is one such example.

During this lockdown, we tend to find some inspirational stuff online as staying positive and remain calm are the most important things we need to do. As a fan of our Indian history, I did try to find some situations which can inspire us most. There are many examples in our history which shows that our current situation is far easier to face than the situations faced by our great ancestors who fought for our country. I got inspired by the story of how ‘Veer Savarkar’ spent his time in Andaman jail. He was sentenced double life imprisonment i.e. 50 years of prison in the Kala Pani. Even the word Kala Pani came from Kaal (Death) Pani. People were left to die in that prison. A boy of magnificent intellect and the tremendous case of possibilities was thrown to a far-off island and was ordered to spend the rest of his life in chains. He took an oath just like Shivaji Maharaj to break the chains of slavery and take the nation to a bright future. He ignited a fire in the belly of his companions with his nationalistic views. Many souls sacrificed themselves after getting inspired by Vinayak Damodar Savarkar’s words. Because of his strong desire to free his country, the enslavers became aware sentenced such punishment that no other revolutionary was punished in similar way.

I have been to Andaman a couple of years before. The story about his stay overwhelms you. I have visited the cell in which Savarkar was kept. He was marked as the most dangerous prisoner among all. He had spent 11-12 years in that menacing prison. A person with so much ambition spent his life in a dark room where the only view he had was of gallows, the only sound he could hear was of the prisoners who were screeching in pain. The food he was offered won’t be considered as a food in normal human society. In such lockdown state, he composed thousands of verses of beautiful poems. He used nails to scribble the poems on the prison wall. Every morning he might have woken up with a hope that he will get another chance to serve Maa Bharati again. I wonder what might have kept him going in those days.

In these lockdown days, we might get frustrated and upset as we were never been in such position ever. This is the time we should learn from our history and our history makers like Savarkar. Just compare his state in the 10*10 ft jail and our comfortable houses. We are in a paradisiacal situation in front of his. This comparison might be absurd for few but it helps when we think of his situation when we are dejected. On this Savarkar Jayanti let us all promise ourselves that we will learn the endurance from his great man and keep patience till the COVID situation gets better. STAY SAFE AND STAY HEALTHY.

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Author of the book - "INDIANS MUST KNOW - Lets Be Proud"
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