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Know everything about Tablighi Jamaat

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What is Tablighi Jamaat? Here is some information about Tablighi Jamaat ….

Tablighi Jamaat is an Islamic or we can say radical Islamic organisation which has only less than 100 years of history. It was founded in 1927 by the Muhammad Ilyas Kandhalawi in Mewat. Mewat is a place which is known for its radical Islamic ideology and it is a highly radicalised Muslim area in Haryana state. There is common saying that the ‘Police can’t enter in Mewat’. This belief was there till 2015-16.

Coming back to the point, the ideology of Jamaat is highly inspired from the radical Islamic leader Rashid Ahmad Gangohi who was Deobandi Maulavi in British India. Tablighi Jamaat had founded to tackle the Shuddhi Movement by Swami Dayanand Sarasvati, where the main task was to bring back the people who converted to Islam. This movement became very popular in earlier 20th century and to tackle this movement Tablighi Jamaat was founded.

The main task of Tablighi Jamaat is Conversion. If we read the Jamaat we understand that their primary task is ‘Dawat’. Dawat means an invitation for all non-Muslims to convert into Islam. Jamaat believes that the all non-Muslims and Muslims who are not on right path (according to them) are criminals and they should convert into Islam or follow Jamaat ideology. Jamaati are highly radicalized and they work on single mission that is ‘conversion’. They not only convert people but their further task is to brain wash and to radicalize them.

Tablighi Jamaat is a offshoot of Deobandi, which is one of the Islamic firqa among 73 firke. Deobandi is known for its Sunni Islamic ideology. In South Asia there are mainly two firke which are Deobandi and Barelvi. Deobandi is more radicalised, more offensive, non-compromising with their belief system, don’t go to Mazar and dargah that they consider it as a sin. Barelvi goes to mazar and dargah, they believe in it. So here Jamaat is a offshoot of Deobandi which is already known for many fatwas and other radical activities.

If we try to know about Jamaat, we found that it works only in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore etc and other south Asian countries. But reality is Jamaat is very much popular in Europe especially in London, where 90% mosque sin London are owned by Jamaat. It also run madarsa in London. Jamaat is also active in gulf countries, being their main economic source. In India Jamaat is not popular, because the work which is done by Jamaat is already done by some existing popular organisations like Zakir Naik etc. So Jamaat is not that much popular in India.

Talking about the high profile link of Tablighi Jamaat, one most popular link is Maulana Tarik Jameel. He is the most famous Tablighi Maulana who is personal advisior to the Pakistan PM Imran Khan, also he is family advisor and we can say advisor for everything to Imran Khan. He is very close to the Pakistani army chief Gen. Bajwa and he is also family advisor of Gen. Bajwa. Maulana Tarik Jameel is also a spiritual guru of famous actor Amir Khan. Amir khan took Tarik Jameel with him when he went to Haj with his mom. Although Amir khan is Shiya, He is influenced with the Jamaat. From this we can imagine the influence of Jamaat on high profile people.

Jamaat took many Pakistani celebrities and cricketers. Pakistani cricketers like Muhammad Yusuf who was previously a Christian, but later converted by Jamaat to Islam. Former Pakistani captain Inzamam-ul-Haq is also a Jamaati who is Maulana now. Mushtaq Saqlain is also follows Jammat. The famous popstar of Pakistan Junaid Jamshed is also become Jamaat member.

There are different Jamaat organisations in different countries like Indian Jamaat, Pakistani Jamaat etc. and they are interlinked. The most powerful Jamaat organisation is Pakistani Jamaat. Main reason is Pakistani Jamaat has more money than any other Jamaat. Jamaat has headquarters in Raiwind which is located in state of Punjab in Pakistan.

In Pakistan any religious organisation cant work without the helping hand of ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence). So, Jamaat also works under the ISI. If a Jamaat Maulavi has access to the PM’s house as well as the army chief’s house then it is very easy to understand that Jamaat has very close relations with ISI in Pakistan.

Here is some information about the Tablighi Jamaat. I will be writing more articles on such issues related to the threat to national security.

Jai Hind !!!!

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