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‘Rahul Gandhi pandemic’ in congress killing leadership vacuum of opposition India

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Even if I lose my both eyes that is ok, but my opponent must lose at least one of his eyes is the political culture most congress men follow in the party.  Modi phenomenon got slightly dimmed after the imposition of unplanned lock down and his inability to contain his inevitable hug-friend Donald Trump, the president of United States of America from threatening India of consequences if India doesn’t provide HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine).

If congress ever wants to resurrect the party and become relevant again, the party must instead of opposing Modi or reaching out to people, must stop the growing pandemic called Raghul Gandhi in congress party. 

As long as Raghul Gandhi speaks for the congress party and he remains as the face of the party, no one would care the party, let alone people vote for congress.   The biggest curse of congress party is Raghul Gandhi and even the bitter noire and pathological Modi phobics also will not support Raghul Gandhi because he lacks maturity, charisma, wisdom or vision.  Because the congress party belongs to his family no one dare to speak against the Raghul Gandhi and entertaining him and giving an excellent entertainment to people of India and world by exposing the immaturity of Raghul Gandhi.

If congress wants to re-invent itself and resurrect to the new generation era politics, must remove Raghul Gandhi from even the primary membership of the party and must identify a new leader, who is not a sycophant, aged duck and doesn’t wish to promote dynastic culture in letter and spirit, doesn’t value corruption and nepotism so dear, to lead the party. 

In spite Modi functioning more like a democratically elected autocrat at times and having caused irreparable damage to our economy, but still Modi remains most preferred leader and not the congress party and it is purely due to the Raghul Gandhi and the dynastic politics.

For Raghul Gandhi to get acceptance of people of India looks almost impossible or otherwise Raghul Gandhi must get blessings of Kali how the Goddess Kali who made an ordinary man to become a great Sanskrit poet called Kalidasa. 

But no Kali would ever bless a person like Raghul Gandhi who has nothing but dynastic cult of personality with him and is buttressed by a group of sycophants who are either over-aged or cannot win an election. 

The collegium of the unwinnable politicians who play the dirty game of ‘even if I lose both my eyes, fine, my opponent must lose at least one’ is destroying the congress party. The unwinnable and expired leaders of congress party never want a talented leader outside the family of Gandhi to emerge at the national level and lead the party. Therefore even if congress loses its relevance, the unwinnable leaders want their self-importance and hence want Raghul Gandhi.  Instead of lock down Raghul Gandhi pandemic in the party, they continuously sing carol and offer prayers to the dynast to come back and take the post of president of congress party.

Dynastic politics is worse than novel corona virus but congress party wants to promote and protect such novel coronal virus called dynastic politics and hence allows consciously Raghul Gandhi epidemic and pandemic in congress party. 

People may look for an alternative for Modi but will never chose or accept Raghul Gandhi as an alternative to Modi or Amit Shah. 

Modi might have done some mistake but his intentions are never been questioned or doubted by people of India. But Raghul Gandhi on the contrary lacks credibility, wisdom or common sense. May be, for the unwinnable, over-aged politicians who want to promote their children into politics may find Raghul Gandhi as Albert Einstein in Indian politics but people don’t think so. Some media houses also may be hoping Raghul Gandhi would challenge Modi one day. The biggest challenge of congress party is how to get rid of Raghul Gandhi and the biggest challenge of Raghul Gandhi is his immaturity and ignorance.   

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