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Is proselytization a tool of radicalization?

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Ambuj Jha
प्रमाणपत्र तो इलेक्ट्रॉनिक्स में एम् टेक की है, लेकिन विद्यार्थी समाज शास्त्र का हो गया हूँ. An M.Tech degree holder in Electronics, but ended up being student of Social Study.

Let’s go back and learn from history.

India is a place where people were pretty much connected to each other across India in terms of cultural identity but at the same time they had diverse rituals usually confined to certain geographical boundaries. People from across India celebrated their uniqueness and respected the ethos of Sanatana Dharma.

There came some Afghan invaders and Mughals later on:

When Afghans and Mughals came to India, they had fights with Indian rulers and after the win they tried to rule Indians but the issue was with their acceptance as rulers. To achieve this, they thought of breaking the string(i.e. Sanatana) that bound all these people intact with Indian culture.

So for the very purpose, they started proselytizing the weaker and marginalized sections of the community by providing them tax rebates, priviledges etc. and when none of these techniques worked they tried force.

Now, gradually the rulers were able to establish their acceptance in their kingdom. But the issue remained with the acceptance of those converted people in the society by those who defended their way of living lives as Sanatani.


Gradually, there was a sufficient number of converts in the community. Now, those who were converted themselves one or two generations before, started treating themselves superior to the new joiners. This sense of superiority complex in the early joiners started raising a sense of inferiority complex in the latest ones.

Now, how to get rid of this? So the new joiners thought of utilizing the tactics that caused them getting converted as a tool for their acceptance in the community of converts. Now, their target was to convert little more so that this count somehow be treated as tools of justification for their contribution in their community. For this, they started establishing a connection of every such acts with their God, and this really started working for them and there starts mass conversions. Now it became a tool to dictate their supremacy in their community and also as their service to the newly adopted religion.

Here started the game, Now that these converted ones started promoting proselytism, they were now the agents of the ruler and in turn there started lot many noise in the society.


Now, when it was going full fledged, the non converted ones started realizing and treated it as a massive attack on their cultural and religious identity. To obstruct these practices, the non converts started raising flags which caused a sense of fear in the converted community as they were still in minority as a whole but they were in somewhat majority in their locality.

But the war of converted to prove their supremacy/legitimacy among their community continued. In order to win this never-ending war there started radicalization in the name of God because that was the only tool left for boosting the morale of these minorities groups.

Now the question I want to leave you with is: Is the war still on?

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Ambuj Jha
प्रमाणपत्र तो इलेक्ट्रॉनिक्स में एम् टेक की है, लेकिन विद्यार्थी समाज शास्त्र का हो गया हूँ. An M.Tech degree holder in Electronics, but ended up being student of Social Study.

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