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Indian Communists need to see a MIRROR!

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Indian communists have become ideologically null today. Their only job today is to abuse anyone or anything they dislike. Hatred has become their language and bigotry their gesture. They are now completely turning into an ‘east wind’. In past five-six years they have left no stone unturned to divide the society for their political benefits. A hatred against the nationalist figures like Savarkar or Vivekananda or a sympathy for terrorist is a common feature. They have mastered the art of framing and blaming. With the help of their strong presence in academic institutions they have tried their best to destroy history and the current political scenario.Their narrative converges to a single point that they have been leading the people’s war against the democratic establishment of this country. For the sake of this they portray themselves as the currently and historically most secular, peaceful, liberal, educated and politically correct establishment in this country. Its a strong need to show these comrades a mirror of facts and truth and keep exposing them. Here are some accounts from their dark history and recent political past:

The ‘redness’ of flag

Left wing extremism owns a division in Ministry of Home Affairs. Between 2004 to 2019 (up to 31.12.2019) 8197 people have been killed by the LWE in different parts of India. The majority of the civilians killed are tribal’s, often branded as ‘Police informers’ before being brutally tortured and killed. In fact, the tribal and the economically underprivileged sections, whose cause the Maoists claim to espouse, have been the biggest victims of the so-called ‘protracted peoples war’ of the CPI (Maoist) against the Indian state. (See:

Civilians killed by LWE since 2004 : Source – FAQs, LWE Division, MHA

As per the Global Terrorism Index 2017 – LWE refers to the activities of over 39 militant organisations which includes CPI- Maoist

Mercy Petition

Communist have tried very hard to downgrade the role of Veer Savarkar’s hardships and struggle as a nationalist. They labelled Savarkar as a coward, traitor and what no more despite the fact that he was in the serve the harsh 10 years in Cellular Jail, then 4 years in Ratnagiri Jail and then 12 years of house arrest and restricted movement. What more they fail to see is that one of their founding members and a senior communist leader- S.A Dange begged for mercy for a rigorous imprisonment of 4 years where he described himself as the ‘Your excellency’s Most obedient servant’.

Last paragraph of the mercy petition (Source: Organiser)


The Marichjhapi massacre : A massacre of as high as 5000-10000, mostly Bengali Dalits under the left front government of Jyoti Basu. According to Wikipedia, It is claimed that CPM cadres had also landed in Marichjhapi that day, fired at, killed and raped islanders and looted their belongings.

CPI tried their best to downplay Dr. BR Ambedkar who emerged as an independent and prominent Dalit Leader. He was criticized by the communists as a separatist leader, divider of working class, pro-imperialist and opportunistic person. Ambedkar in turn was a bitter critique of Communists. He called himself an “implacable enemy of the Communist” and said that ” It is absolutely impossible for me to keep relations with communist”

Anand Ranganathan on Twitter: "It is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE for me ...
BR Ambedkar on Communists and Communism. Source : Anand Ranganathan

One of the CPI’s founding father E.M.S Namboodiripad called Poona Pact a great blow to freedom movement. He further alluded the caste system to be “a superior economic organisation”. An article in Outlook Magazine reveals the following:

When Ambedkar pushed for the Poona Pact in 1932, demanding separate electorates for Dalits, the Indian Left kept its distance from the issue. Symptomatically, E.M.S. Namboodiripad wrote: “This was a great blow to the freedom movement. For this led to the diversion of people’s attention from the objective of full independence to the mundane cause of the upliftment of the Harijans.”

Borrowing crudely from Marx’s understanding of the history of slavery, EMS found the caste system, despite its exploitative structure, to be “a superior economic organisation”, which facilitated organised production through a systematic allocation of labour.

SOURCE : The Left’s Untouchable, Outlook India

Collusion with Muslim League

Communist Party endorsed the league and backed the demand of Pakistan in order to forge a Hindu-Muslim unity and precisely everything ended up in chaos.

An article titled “COMMUNISTS IN THE MUSLIM LEAGUE” published in Proceedings of the Indian History Congress, 69, 563-573 authored by historian H. Manzer in 2008 serves as an important resource for studying the political relations between Muslim League and the Communists. Some of the important points from the article are mentioned below:

  • The demand of Pakistan by Muslim League was supported by communists with inference to Stalin’s thesis on nationalities.
  • CPI adopted a resolution which declared the movement for Pakistan as “progressive” and urged Muslims to join Muslim League.
  • Communists believed that the demand of Pakistan was not a communal one.

A resolution was passed by CPI in 1939 titled “Pakistan and National Unity” which was not only an endorsement of the demands of IUML but also reflected the willingness of the CPI to back the demand of Pakistan.

Condemning the Constitution

BR Ambedkar criticized the Communist and Socialist party for their condemnation of Constitution. He said that Communist want a Constitution on principle of Dictatorship of the Proletariat and they don’t want a parliamentary democracy.

The condemnation of the Constitution largely
comes from two quarters, the Communist Party and the
Socialist Party. Why do they condemn the Constitution?
Is it because it is really a bad Constitution? I venture
to say no’. The Communist Party want a Constitution
based upon the principle of the Dictatorship of the
Proletariat. They condemn the Constitution because it
is based upon parliamentary democracy. The Socialists
want two things. The first thing they want is that if they
come in power, the Constitution must give them the
freedom to nationalize or socialize all private property
without payment of compensation. The second thing
that the Socialists want is that the Fundamental Rights
mentioned in the Constitution must be absolute and
without any limitations so that if their Party fails to come
into power, they would have the unfettered freedom not
merely to criticize, but also to overthrow the State


Source : Prasar Bharti

Betrayal of National Interest

CPI has several times betrayed the National interest for accomplishment of their own ideology. Top three instances of their ‘betrayal of national interest’ are listed below:

CPI holds that entire border has never been defined, forgets to mention MacMohan Line and endorses the Chinese claims.

The Communist Party had a in dilemma in taking sides during the 1962 war. Betrayal of Communists during the Sino-India conflict and their support to Maoism is very well documented. A detailed and documented account can be found in the following article: The story of GREAT BETRAYAL

  • Betrayal during Bengal Famine(1943): Bengal Famine of 1943 caused 2.1 to 3 million deaths in Bengal only. This was a time when the AITUC was completely taken over by Communists with the help of British. Amidst the crisis Communist took a ‘soft’ approach over the crumbling and unsatisfactory government efforts. DN Gupta mentions in his book “Communism and Nationalism in Colonial India, 1939-45” the following:
Communism and Nationalism in Colonial India, 1939-45
  • Collaboration with British Imperialism : CPI supported British Imperialism during the Second World War. The Nazi attack on USSR was the reason due to which the comrades declared the ‘People’s war’ all over the world and even didn’t hesitate to collaborate with the Imperialism. CPI was officially against the Quit India Movement. In his book ” The Political Role of International Trades Unions” , Gary K. Bosch mentions that “Britain’s only allies in the India were the Communists” and “The British made money and supplies available to CPI to start papers and journals in India; the largest was the English-Language People’s War”. This was the same “People’s War” which ridiculed Subhash Chandra Bose as “the running dog of Japanese General Tojo” .
The Political Role of International Trades Unions : Gary K. Bosch
Cartoons ridiculing Netaji Bose published in People’s War (Source: Organiser)

Gandhi and Gandhian view of Communist

Mahatma Gandhi welcomed non violent version of Communism but was against the violent version. Mahatma Gandhi said “Communism of the Russian type, that is communism which is imposed on a people, would be repugnant to India. If communism came without any violence, it would be welcome. For then no property would be held by anybody except on behalf of the people and for the people. A millionaire may have his millions, but he will hold them for the people. The State could take charge of them, whenever they would need them for the common cause.”

Mahatma Gandhi’s letter to P.C Joshi on 11 June, 1944 on How Communist betrayed Labour Leaders is also an important source.

Correspondence Between Mahatma Gandhi and P. C. Joshi

A large section of Gandhi’s followers disliked the Communists. A striking example is mentioned in the English textbook of CBSE of 12th Standard named “Flamingo”. This is an extract from the book “My years with Boss” authored by the prominent Tamil writer Jagadisa Thyagarajan known by his pen name “Asokamitran”.

My Years with Boss: Asokamitran


Several historical sources, of which a few are mentioned here, shows a strong hypocrisy of the Communists and the Communist Party of India. They stand as a professional failure at all the fronts where their dare to question the Nationalists and try to trap the youth of our country in their propaganda. Their propaganda had severe consequences in past as well as in present. They are a living contradiction to the term liberalism. At many times they have choose to serve their communist masters and have betrayed National Interest. These people deserve to get exposed by their own methods. It’s an urgent need of the hour for the nationalist youth to step up against their vicious propaganda.

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