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Idling away valuable time is not worthy

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Despite the standstill on the movement due to this unprecedented nationwide lockdown one must not idle away this valuable time in navigating through the labyrinthine of social media having enormous directions to mislead anyone easily. As per the latest reports, it has been exhibited that since the 21-days lock down has been put in place the average time spent by a person on social media has increased dramatically. As per the survey conducted by Hammerkopf Consumer Survey over more than 1000 people reveals a number of interesting fact to be pondered upon. As per its recent study it was found that an average Indian spent more than four hours every day on social media every day in comparison with a week before the lockdown consequently marking the 87% of the total hike.Before the lockdown, social media usage was on average 150 minutes per day. However, in the first week of lockdown, the figures jumped to 280 minutes per day, showed a survey.Out of it, more than 75% use their time in using various social media platforms such as facebook, whatsapp, instagram.

Since all the schools, colleges and other institutions are closed for at least 21 days, students now have much free time to open different precious avenues of their interests. Interests in particular subjects is a tool which steer us through the mighty oceans of worldly complications  to the richness of understandability. Interest in particular subject is inevitably significant for developing a sense of understanding to acquire knowledge about the subject concerned.

Insufficient amount of interest in any of the field whether its an educational, professional or any other will lead our painstaking work to nowhere and might be in veins. Thus it is a scientifically approved fact that developing interest is very important facet to take our horizons of knowledge to a different level. For say, if I dont had interest in writing then I might not be writing here. Interest in a subject not only increase your chances of understanding and conceiving the subject easily, it also take one’s understanding to another level which can open many new avenues for him or her with the enough opportunities to elevate his or her life and career.


One should try to develop interest in different fields like Reading, Writing, Singing, Dancing, pursuing Social services, etc. All these interest not only boost your skill but also develop your presence of mind. Healthy mind is very necessary for one undertaking lots of stress in day to day lives. These activities will reduce overburden from one’s mind and relieve him from unnecessary stress calmly.

Many among us thinks that life must be enjoyable with full of pleasures, but one must not forget that those enjoyments and pleasures must not be at the expenses of his long term goals. Thus now, we have almost 21 days to do much about our daily actions to generate a broad understanding about the life and its implications.

Apart from these activities one can take his or her mind toward the other important facet of life called Spiritualism. Spiritualism is something which allow us to understand the balanced way of life and impartial judgement of other worldly things. One should devote little time of his day hours to books explaining the true essence of the life and rejuvenating the right conduct to live in with. Books of many globally acclaimed spiritual leaders like Swami Vivekananda, Rabindranath Tagore might help to study spiritualism very comprehensively.


At last this is a valuable time to develop a new sense of thinking, throwing away negativity and replacing it with immense positivity, new way of living which promote both communal harmony and social conflicts. I would urge everyone to make a proper use of this time for deriving a desired results in near future.

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