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Fake news in the time of Corona

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‘When you wrestle with a swine, the swine enjoys it and you are the one getting dirty’, old social media jungle saying holds true for Arundhati Roy and her comments on Deutsche Welle, a state owned German media much like the BBC. Arundhati Roy is as potent as a spent cartridge, has the credibility of a Chinese Communist party member claiming Corona virus did not originate in Wuhan, China, her words dont hold any veracity. It is surprising that a a state owned German media gave someone like Arundhati air time when even in India the most rabidly Communist rags don’t deem it respectable to give Roy any space. Arundhati Roy has been in splendid social isolation even before the Wuhan Corona virus made it fashionable, the funny part is she will continue to be cast away in social isolation long after the Corona virus scare is over.

So why did Deustche Welle decide to give Arundhati Roy air time? For starters, it was not Deutsche Welle that asked Arundhati Roy for her views but quite the other way around. Roy is a nobody, a non entity for German news consumers and most don’t care what happens in India. This was an advertisement planted by the backers of Arundhati Roy masquerading as genuine journalism to tarnish the image of India and spread fake narratives into Indian homes.

As it turns out Deutsche Welle is not in the pink of health, it had to fire more than 50% of its own staff, relying now mostly on free lancers across the world, it had to shut down several of its offices and networks across the world in Asia and Africa. Deutsche Welle is also not a news agency above reproach nor a paragon of virtue. Deutsche Welle is known offender with a reputation to be one of the worst employer in Germany and has been mired in racism and antisemitism issues at work, besides a Islamophobic work culture which one would consider quite opposed to what Roy was trying to champion on the very same channel. Hypocrisy died a millions deaths today when a foreign news channel known to be anti Muslim and racist is championing the cause of Muslims by airing the views of a deranged activist who has equally shady reputation.

People who paid for Arundhati Roy to force feed news on on some dubious not-much-watched German channel are the same people who support her on lice infested Jehadi beards in Kashmir and every other anti India propaganda including the Gandhians with Gun folks. These are the people who despise India and what it stands for and what it has achieved, these are people who loath the current BJP government and want India to fail as a union of territories. Why else would they fund to Roy go on air to rant on the BJP government while all the evidence points in the opposite direction. The Indian left media ‘nautanki’ has been waiting, planning, bidding its time ever since Narendra Modi effortlessly surfed into power on a massive pro development wave on two successive occasions, they have been itching to spread their calumny to create an impression of India as a lawless and chaotic land with Hindus murdering Muslims with active support of the supposedly ‘right wing Hindu party’ in power.

Certain sections of journalists have misreported self defense against cattle smuggling as lynching, the CAA bill as anti Muslim, fueled a sit in protest and instigated bloody riots in Delhi in which several innocent people lost their lives. Arundhati Roy’s interview on Deutsche Welle was another throw of dice from this anti India playbook, the Corona virus crisis has provided these Leftist hacks an opportunity to turn up their decibel on fake narratives of Hindu’s discrimination against Muslims while ignoring the ground realities and facts. At a time of a national crisis where everyone is fighting to survive and ensure good health, Arundhati Roy spreads her visceral hate for India and its people by giving completely false report of the country is nothing short of treason and this is not the first time she has been a sepoy a hired gun to do dirty deeds for her ISI master.

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