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Duties, rights and woke libbies

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The section of Fundamental duties (IVA) is the most ignored part of our Constitution. It’s our moral responsibility to perform our duties for the progress of this holy land and her people. Since it is not legally enforceable, we ignore it blatantly in the same way we ignore Raul Vinci.

Had the duties been legally enforced in this country, I guess more than 99% of the population would have been jailed. Again in jails ‘Woke Libbies’ could have shouted ‘Inquilab Zindabad’ for ACs and some joints against the tyrannical establishment and pretended as if they are the only true heir of Shaheed Bhagat Singh.

While in India we have got a hell lot of rights to enjoy, but the duties we perform is meagre and negligible. Since the duties don’t profit us directly, we Indians unite on this part to become a country full of ‘Baniyas’. This is the part where we have to learn extensively from the Western democracies.

Let our cute ‘woke libbies’ (the true baniyas) cry for rights and azaadi against this ‘fascist’ government even in times of this pandemic, We, the followers of Sanatani culture should be more focused on our duties which is our Karma and Dharma.

P.S.: Baniya means Business class people from every caste. An old way of classification.

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