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COVID 19 may bow its head and supremacy to Indians- A scientific insight

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The article published recently in Lancet Vol 8 April 2020 has brought out a new finding which suggests the possibility that COVID 19 may go calm and meek to Indians than to people of EU or USA. 

The research publication has brought out the most preferred target sight of COVID 19 in the lung cells.  Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptors are the one COVID 19 attaches and then it finds its way to lung cells. Therefore those two who have high number of ACE2 receptors in trachea, bronchi and bronchioles are highly susceptible to viral infection, leading to severe respiratory infection and possible death. 

The question is who are likely to have higher number of ACE2 receptors in trachea, bronchi and bronchioles? The Lancet research article clearly suggests that those elderly people who suffer from various medical conditions like cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus and chronic kidney diseases often receives ACE2 inhibitors which bound to increase ACE2 receptors as a consequent event. 

Therefore all those elderly people who are suffering from either of the above diseases and or treated with ACE2 inhibitors are the most susceptible groups as they are likely to have increased ACE2 receptors in their lower respiratory tract. The above Lancet research paper also points out clearly why COVID 19 is less virulent in young age group is because of lower level of ACE2 receptors in them, giving least to no chance for the virus to bind, colonize and then establish. 

The research findings if we have to correlate with Indian context, Indians are relatively safe and even the elderly population. This interpretation does not recommend people to defy the lock down and social distancing but it is meant only to assure Indians through the prism of science. 

Several indicators from Indian scenario suggest that COVID 19 cannot go arrogant and uncontrollable Hitler to Indians. The above research work published in Lancet also points towards why COVID 19 is more of rich man’s disease, disease of new world and disease of higher echelon than of poor man in the street.

Although the published data of COVID 19 positive cases may be much lower than the actual because of the possibility of positive cases away or remain outside the radar of government testing in our society, we cannot discount or deny.

How many days the Nizamudin cluster remained with COVID 19 and has escaped the radar of Government explain the above possibility.

Even if a cluster of COVID 19 positive group exist in our society which has escaped the radar of the government but no report of hospitalization or any such medical rush has reported to have happened from any parts of India.

If we analyse the number of registered death of people from various states per month or week statistics, a dramatic increase in the death of people is not being reported and no such medical alarm, the government has received until now. 

Then we also need to question about how significant is COVID 19 positive means? 

No doubt a person positive for COVID 19 in all possibility can infect several people he encounters inadvertently. The several others also can transmit or gift the virus to others giving an excellent opportunity for COVID 19 to meet and be with them and if possible, COVID 19 can also take their life. 

The larger question is should we over-cry or make war cry over COVID 19? We need to alert our people, must give them all do’s and don’ts clearly, continuous sensitization is necessary for social distancing but, is lockdown a solution? 

A lockdown without any planning, thinking and taking even the state governments or local administrations into confidence and without caring the life and livelihood of millions and millions of people, can it scare COVID 19 or people?

Scientists all over the world are looking at India very curiously and are wondering why COVID 19 is behaving so differently in India. So far Europeans and Americans were claiming they are superior to Asians and Indians, is that the reason why even COVID 19 prefers Europeans and American more than Indians?

BCG vaccination in childhood, viral mutation, ACE2 receptor, inherent immunity… what not the scientists are going to explore to tell the world why COVID 19 behave so differently to Indians?

As a matter of fact, government is also running from pillar to post after lock down and have consulted even grandma’s village healing practice/recipe and its science to deal COVID 19. Are we not chasing a joke in the hour of tragedy, instead of looking for scientific answer?

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