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Communal lynching of saffron clad Sadhus: The Palghar incident

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Some 100-odd kilometres north of Mumbai in a town called Palghar, two Hindu priests and their driver were mercilessly lynched by a frenzied mob, suspecting them of being petty thieves, while they were on their way to attend a funeral. Lynched brutally with connivance of the police officials who allegedly tossed those innocent men into the hands of the crowd and shamelessly stood by as passive spectators. 

The incident took place in the Konkan division of Maharashtra bordering the state of Gujarat which witnesses a large numbers of conversions every year, especially the conversion of tribals inhabiting that area. Christian proselytisation has led to the emergence of an ecosystem where converts are tacitly indoctrinated into hating Hindus, especially upper class Hindus. The tribals of Palghar faced the brunt of christian missionaries after they began rejecting their notions but with constant drum-beating and deceitful schemes, those evangelists proved themselves victorious in exploiting the vulnerabilities of such tribes, eventually getting the best of them. The mob that lynched the three men majorly comprised of these tribals.  

But not a word of condemnation from our revolutionary friends who seem to have embarked on the journey of transforming the Indian society by freeing it from the shackles of ‘patriarchy-driven-backwardness’. Not even a modest reference to communal lynchings. No words either from the flag-bearers of the cherished notions of French revolution. No human rights activists or NGO-hoppers? Because here the victims unfortunately happen to be saffron clad Hindus.

Without an iota of doubt, one can effortlessly arrive at the conclusion that the CM of Maharashtra has allowed the state to descend into lawlessness and anarchy, where the ubiquitous nature of the ‘rule of law’ has been subjugated to a mere theoretical phrase that different people use differently so as to suit their preferred narratives. 

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